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5 Painful & Annoying Marksman Heroes in Mobile Legends

Marksman or often called mm is a role that has great attack speed and damage, but has a low hitpoint so it’s easy to kill if no one is protecting him.

Even so, this role is a favorite of several players and is often contested during the selection of heroes and unfortunately again if the player is selfish, it can cause defeat because the composition of the heroes in the team is not comparable.

Not only the player who sometimes sucks because of his selfishness, the hero also sucks because the skills he has can sometimes be troublesome in war and can easily be killed by the hero.

Well, this time gamelmit has summarized and selected 5 sick and annoying marksman heroes in mobile legends in season 11.

• Kimmy

The flying mm hero is a fairly new marksman hero. However, he can immediately become an annoying hero, as evidenced by being a tire subscription this season.

Kimmy’s passive skill allows her to move while shooting coalescer very quickly, especially when combined with the other skill, this makes this hero annoying because in addition to having large damage, she is also very agile and difficult to approach. many players have banned Kimmy.

• Karrie

Karrie is a marksman who is equipped with escape skills or to chase enemies from his second skill.

However, it’s not the second skill that makes Karrie annoying, but the attack speed that Karrie has when using her ultimate skill. She shoots 2 flywheals without stopping and especially when combined with the other skill that slows down the opponent so it’s definitely dead. Even a hero tank can be made like having thin blood.

• Hanabi

Hanabi becomes the next annoying marksman hero. He is not as agile as other marksman but is equipped with lifesteal and armor abilities that other marksman does not have.

Although not agile but hanabi is very annoying because of the other skill and ultimate skill. One hanabi skill can be used like Kimmy’s skill and can attack more than one opponent or bounce. As for the Ultimate skill is the most annoying thing because it can cause stun and worse Other heroes who are still within the skill’s scope will also receive the impact.

• Claude

Claude is a marksman who until this season is still being taken into account. He is equipped with agility that allows him to check opponents during war.

It is this teleport ability that makes this hero annoying and especially if Claude releases his ultimate skill which barrages in all directions, he can still teleport with Dexter or his partner monkey so it can create confusion.

So, don’t be surprised if Claude is sometimes banned because of his annoying agility and ultimate skill.

• Moscow

Finally, the sickest and annoying marksman hero is Moskov. Even though it’s a fairly old hero and has been nerfed, his abilities still have to be taken into account until now.

Moskov is a marksman hero who has high speed in attacking. Moskov’s passive skill allows him to attack opponents behind the opponent he attacks and when it hits it will reduce its cooldow. This is what makes Moscow annoying because it doesn’t stop attacking yet. again the second skill that can tune and knockback.

Well, that’s the sickest and annoying marksman hero in Gamelmit’s version. In your opinion, which marksman hero sucks.

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