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5 Most Painful, Strongest, and Best Heroes in Mayhem Mode Mobile Legends

Not long ago, Mobile Legends provided a new battle mode on the main server in addition to classic, ranked, and brawl, namely Mayhem mode. In this mayhem mode, we start the game with a level 4 start, which means we can take the ultimate skill and all other skills. In this Mayhem mode, some of the existing heroes become stronger than usual when we use them in classic, ranked, or brawl mode. Here are 5 of the sickest, strongest and best heroes in Mayhem Mobile Legends mode.

1. Hayabusa

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Hayabusa throws more shuriken! Of course the damage from Hayabusa also increased because more shuriken were thrown. Hayabusa is one of the favorite assassins that is often used in mayhem mode.

2. Johnson

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Usually Johnson can only be climbed by 1 hero, but in this Mayhem mode, Johnson can be climbed by all heroes in the team! Of course, this makes Johnson often used because with his ultimate skill, Johnson can help team members move to the other side of the map quickly. However, if the signal or internet network is not good, Johnson’s ultimate skill can become useless because controlling the direction of Johnson’s movement requires an internet connection and good player skills.

3. Zhask

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In normal modes such as brawl, classic, or ranked without an ability increase, Zhask’s damage is already painful and cannot be underestimated. In this Mayhem mode, Zhask can take out 2 monsters at once by using his first skill. With the ultimate skill, Zhask can turn these 2 monsters into very strong. You could say Zhask is the most dangerous hero to face alone in Mayhem mode today.

4. Odette

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In addition to Odette’s skill that spreads more balls in Mayhem mode, Odette also gains immunity to crowd control when using her ultimate skill. Of course this makes Odette’s ultimate skill difficult to cancel. When doing combos with Johnson and other heroes in Mayhem mode, of course the damage area of ​​Odette’s ultimate skill cannot be underestimated, especially in the late game when all of Odette’s gear is ready.

5. Irithel

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At first glance, Irithel looks normal and there is nothing special about this hero in Mayhem mode. However, when the ultimate skill is active, this marksman can shoot several arrows at once, while in normal mode (brawl, classic, or ranked), Irithel can only shoot one arrow when using this ultimate skill.

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