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5 Grangger User Mistakes in Mobile Legends

Hello Land of Down warriors. This time G-MLBB will discuss 5 Granger User Errors. Yes, Granger is a marksman hero who is currently meta, this hero is currently a bone of contention. Starting from the lower tier to the upper tier, they are now scrambling to use this hero.

For those of you who like to play solo rank, you really must learn this hero. Because from the beginning this hero has been really sick, make by one, for farming or for push, this hero can be relied on.

Okay, without further ado, let’s go straight to the point, which are 5 User Granger errors.

1. Can’t predict the enemy’s movement direction
Because none of these Granger skills can lock enemy heroes, you have to direct them yourself. You have to be able to direct all Granger skills towards the enemy, but the enemy can’t just stand still, so you have to be able to predict where the enemy will move. So that the skills you use are not in vain. Moreover, Granger’s 1st skill is quite difficult to direct, because it will only shoot one straight line ahead.

The point here is that the playing experience will affect your ability in the game. If you have often played by yourself you will get feelhis, with reflex you will be able to direct all the skills.

2. Not using passive from skill 2

Granger’s passive skill 2, after using skill 2, the next 2 basic attacks get an additional +10% Damage. And that’s pretty good 10% Damage, although it looks small but it’s very useful. Especially for Early games, such as for farming you can go faster.

But usually the new Granger User, ignores the passive of this 2nd skill. So after skill 2, they immediately use skill 1, not in addition to basic attack first. Even though this additional 10% of damage cannot be underestimated, for example you buy Pshycal Damage Items such as BOD (Blade of Despair), BOD gives an additional +170 Physical Damage. If the passive skill is added from skill 2 it will be 170 + 10% will be +187% Physical Damage. And that service will be very helpful for you Granger Users. Especially if for example you buy items such as Endless Battle and Thunder Belt, so Basick Attack after you use the skill will provide additional Physical Damage.


The point is you don’t underestimate the passive of this skill 2. If you still underestimate small things like this, how will you become a global top. Because global top is impossible to ignore small things like this.

3. Not using Skill 1 when being chased
As we already know Granger can use skill 1 when he walks. So even though Granger is using skill 1 granger it can still be moved.

So if the enemy wants to chase you, you can run away while using skill 1. That will make the enemy avoid your shots or the enemy’s HP will decrease a lot (if all the bullets hit). If the enemy still insists on chasing you with a dying HP, you can turn things around.

The point is if for example you are being chased by an enemy, don’t forget to use skill 1. Well, if you use skill 1, and skill 1 hits the enemy it will reduce the cooldown of skill 2. And it will be very petrified for you to run further from the enemy’s pursuit. Anyway, often spam this skill 1.

4. Purchase Attack Speed ​​Items
If this error, you should already know if you use the Granger hero you can’t buy Attack Speed ​​items. Because it will be less useful and only fill your item slot. If we force to buy an Attack speed item, the attack speed that Grannger gets is only 50%. For example, you buy a Windtalker item that will give +40% attack speed. The attack speed that Granger will get is only 20%, so it will harm you.

You should buy Brus Damage items so that your damage is even greater. Or buy Cooldown reduction items so you can spam skills comfortably. because this granger hits the average of all skills.

5. Use Ulti when the enemy is dying
Ulti damage from Granger is quite large from the Early game though. Most of the Granger users only use it when the enemy is dying, or to just kill it. Even though this Granger Ulti is really good for Open war, because the Ulti gives a really big slow effect, which is 80%. In addition, Granger’s ultimate has a damage area so it can mess up enemy formations.

For example, in the early game the ultimate is really good for beating the enemy so that the enemy quickly recalls. When you are level 4 you can immediately use this ultimate, so the HP of the opponent’s hero will be lost a lot. If it’s like that, the opponent will automatically recall, otherwise the opponent is at risk for us to kill.

The point is, don’t because the ultimate damage is big, you just use it for trash. You can use it for solo kill or open war.

That’s the discussion of 5 User Grangger errors. If there are other errors, please write them in the comments column.

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