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5 Best Support Heroes in Mobile Legends

Hero support is a hero who will help the war team from the back line. However, unfortunately hero support is similar to a tank hero that only has a little damage so many players are reluctant to use it for that reason, but actually the presence of hero support has a very important role in war .

Well, this time gamelmit has summarized the 5 best support heroes in Mobile Legends and are very suitable for use.

• Estes

The ability of an Estes is no longer in doubt as a support hero. She is the best hero capable of supporting the team’s cellphone. Her first skill moonlight immersion will give blood to one of the closest team members who has low hp through a link connection while her ultimate skill is still the same will give HP to all team members within its range.

The presence of Estes in the team will be very helpful in making team members not to die easily.

• Rafaela

This beautiful support hero is still the same as Estes who will give cellphones to nearby team members through her second skill, holy healing. Even when Rafaela dies, she is still able to give cellphones to members before she finally explodes and deals damage to nearby enemies.

He can also become the killer through his first and ultimate skills that will damage and stun.

• Diggie

Diggie is a very annoying support hero for heroes who have CC because he can be immune from CC through immunity from his ultimate skill, not even just Diggie but team members who are within the range of his skills, as long as this skill lasts team members will also get shields.

It doesn’t stop there, skill two from Diggie can lock the opponent’s hero where the hero is and after some time the escaped hero can return to where it was locked.

Then when Diggie is killed, he doesn’t really die but turns into an egg and can be used to annoy the enemy, he will reappear where the egg is.

• Angela

Angela can be the last hope for team members who are ganked and almost die because she can enter the hero and will provide a shield. As long as Angela is possessed she can still use skills to attack and not use mana.

In addition to her very useful ultimate skill, Angela can also heal team members through the effect of the other skill.

• Nana

Finally, there is Nana, support with magical damage that can do many kills and assists through the skills she has. Nana can be said to be an annoying support hero because she can turn opponents into animals using her second skill and add gold to team members who are nearby.

While his ultimate skill as the biggest damage contributor can kill enemies who underestimate him, every enemy affected by this skill can slow down and cause stun in 1 second.

Well, that’s the best 5 support heroes that you can try, because the presence of these heroes can change the war conditions.

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