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5 Best and Strongest Tank Heroes in Mobile Legends 2021

Hero tanks are of course very much needed, especially in ranked games. Without a tank hero, it will be very easy to defeat because there is no one to hold back the opponent’s attack. Here are the 5 best and strongest tank heroes that are often used in the 2021 Mobile Legends ranked game.


This tank has a super thick defense. This is because his passive skill generates a shield when his HP is below 30%. Johnson also has the ultimate skill of turning into a car that allows him to move to the other side of the map at a very high speed.


Akai’s ultimate skill is able to push the opponent to the wall until he doesn’t move. He often troubles the opponent and makes the opponent’s formation chaotic with his ultimate skill.


Hylos is able to create a path that makes his and his teammates’ movement speed increase by 60% and slows the movement speed of enemies walking on him by 70%.


Balmond is one of the tank heroes with simple usage. His ultimate skill can make the opponent die instantly if his HP is very thin.


Hilda has the first skill that makes her run very fast beyond any hero. In addition, the attack also hurts and is very effective, especially for counter hero assassins. Because of the tank type hero, Hilda also has a strong defense and her passive skill also generates a shield and also heals when Hilda is in the bushes or grass.

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