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5 Battle Spells in Mobile Legends That Are Often Used

Battle Spell is one of the factors that help in this Mobile Legends game. Its functions, of course, vary. Even though it’s only for a moment and the delay is quite long, the presence of a battle spell can make things different. For example, when dealing one on one with the opposing hero (by one), the marksman hero can use the battle spell inspire which ignores the opponent’s armor and increases his attack speed up to 8 basic attacks. Of course, if the opponent does not use inspire, then it is certain that the opponent will lose the fight. Not only that, there are other battle spells that can be used in this game.

1. Execute

Serves to deal damage to opponents between 240-800 points of true damage. This battle spell is the default battle spell for every hero in Mobile Legends. Usually, heroes who use this battle spell forget to replace execute with another battle spell.

2. Retribution

Used for hunting/jungling/creeping so that it is faster to defeat jungle monsters or creeps. Usually used by assassin or marksman type heroes so that levels and gold are faster to outperform the opponent so that they can dominate the opponent’s strength.

3. Inspire

8 basic attacks after using this battle spell will ignore 11-25 enemy armor and increase attack speed by 55%. This spell is usually used by marksman type heroes and some fighters like Zilong. Currently, Zhask is the only mage to use this inspire spell.

4. Healing Spell

Heal HP 15% and 10% mana for the heroes we use and team heroes. Widely used in brawl mode because in brawl mode there is no base to recover HP and mana.

5. Flicker

Move in the direction we specify in close proximity. The drawback of this battle spell is the long cooldown, which is 120 seconds. This battle spell is the most battle spell used by players in Mobile Legends which is used to escape or escape when it is surrounded by the opposing team. Flicker is also the default battle spell in brawl mode.

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