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4 of 7 Heroes Must Ban in Mobile Legends Ranked Game

When you reach the Epic tier in the ranked game, a banned hero system applies where each team will prohibit 2 heroes from being used so that a total of 4 heroes cannot be selected for use in the ranked game. Of course these heroes are very troublesome heroes and become the key in the game. Here are 4 of 7 Heroes Required to Ban in Mobile Legends Ranked Game.

1. Fanny

To use Fanny you need a professional player because if you can’t use the cable skill, then Fanny will only be a hero who becomes a burden on the team, but if the Fanny player is a professional then the opponent will be easy to beat because with the cable skill Fanny can move from one end of the map to the other. another map in just a few seconds. Not only that, when he moves or flies with the cable, Fanny can also attack the opponent’s hero. These two things made Fanny so feared. But usually Fanny’s heroes are rarely banned, especially in the Epic tier, but when in the Legend or Mythic tier, this hero is better banned because it is very dangerous. To stop Fanny, it takes more than 1 hero who stuns her alternately. Examples of heroes who can stop it are Akai, Martis, and Nana.

2. Kagura

Currently, Kagura is one of the most dangerous mages in the Mobile Legends game. But like Fanny, player professionalism is also needed in using Kagura. If it’s not professional, then Kagura will only become an ordinary hero or even burden the team. To stop Kagura shouldn’t be as difficult as Fanny because even though she ran away the distance was not as far as Fanny. Examples of some heroes who can stop it are Fanny, Gusion, and Karina. With these 3 heroes, even though Kagura runs away with the second skill, it can still be overtaken because the movement speed of the three heroes exceeds ordinary heroes and the damage is painful.

3. Martis

In addition to his painful damage, Martis has a skill that can stun opponents. Martis is the most dangerous fighter type hero at the moment and to use it is not difficult, so Martis is often banned in ranked games, both Epic and Legend or Mythical tiers.

4. Gusion

In addition to his painful damage, Gusion can immediately run away after killing his opponent. Not only that, its use is not as difficult as Fanny. That’s why Gusion is often banned in ranked games, both Epic and Legend or Mythical tiers.

5. Lancelot

Besides Martis and Gusion, Lancelot is also one of the Assassins who is often banned because of its easy use and extraordinary immunity. When Lancelot uses his skills, he becomes invulnerable with both basic attacks and skills, even ultimate skills! This is what makes Lancelot one of the most feared assassins in the Mobile Legends game.

6. Johnson

Johnson will get a very thick shield when his HP is reduced to less than 30%. The shield makes it very difficult to defeat even if it is attacked by several heroes at the same time. Not only that, Johnson has the ultimate skill to turn into a car that can be controlled and ridden by one of the team members. When the car hits the opponent, the opponent’s hero will stun and his movement speed will decrease.

7. Akai

Akai becomes a feared hero because of his ultimate skill that can disrupt the opponent’s formation. Akai’s ultimate skill is to spin and push back all opponents around him. Usually, before using this skill, Akai will use skill 1 to jump towards the opponent, then proceed with Petrify to stun, then the ultimate skill is issued to kidnap the opponent’s hero.

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