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4 Hidden Potion Items for Buff in Late Game Mobile Legends

Many do not know the existence of potions for buffs in Mobile Legends because these potions can only be purchased while playing and cannot be seen from the equipment in the preparation menu before playing because this potion is not equipment and only adds status for a certain period of time. Of course, the use of these 3 hidden items (besides Odd potions) is recommended in the late game because the price is very expensive (currently 1500) and equipment can not be purchased if you buy these potions in the early game or mid game. Buy potions only if there is money left in the late game, stay focused on buying gear or equipment first. Buying this potion will certainly be very useful, especially if the enemy doesn’t know it or forgets to buy it so we have an advantage, namely the hero we use has a status that exceeds the opponent’s hero.

1. Power Potions

Power potions activate immediately after use and will add 30 physical attack points and 5% physical lifesteal. This potion only works for 120 seconds and the effect is non-stackable (used over and over to increase stats many times over). Usually the hero who uses this potion will have a red aura. Use this potion for marksman type heroes, physical assassins, or similar heroes who use physical attacks to defeat their opponents. Tanks are not recommended to buy this potion. Examples of heroes that are suitable for using this potion are Miya, Lesley, Lancelot, Martis, and Moskov.

2. Magic Potion

Magic potions activate immediately after purchase and function to add 30 magic attack points and 5% reduction in skill cooldown time. This magic potion only works for 120 seconds and just like power potions, the effects of this magic potion also cannot be stacked. Usually the hero who uses this potion will have a blue aura. Use this potion for mage type heroes, either half mage assassins like Karina and Gusion, or full mage like Kagura and Cyclops.

3. Rock Potion

Just like power potions and magic potions, Rock Potions are also activated immediately after purchase. Rock Potion has the effect of increasing 500 maximum HP and 15% resilience for 120 seconds and the effect cannot be stacked. Heroes who use this potion will get a golden yellow aura.

4. Odd Potion (Anti-Ejector Jawhead)

We can buy this potion at any time and have a price of 0 gold so you don’t have to worry about spending money to buy it, but it CAN ONLY BE BUYED AND APPEARS AT THE SHOP when a teammate is using Jawhead. The location of this potion is in the magic section. This potion will work if one of our teammates uses the Jawhead hero, so we can’t be thrown by him with the Ejector skill. This potion is to anticipate the wrong throwing or fad of people who use Jawhead.

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