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4 Garena Free Fire Characters With the Strongest Defense

In-game characters Garena Free Fire there are so many that it makes players confused which one to use. These characters also have roles, advantages and disadvantages of each. Players can choose a character according to the gameplay, be it the strongest damage or defense character in the game Free Fire

4 Garena Free Fire Characters With the Strongest Defense

Free Fire Characters With the Strongest Defense

1. Steffie


When it comes to defense, Steffie the champion. Steffie Has the Graffiti’s Blessing skill which reduces explosion damage and bullet damage by 5% for a few seconds.

2. Chrono


The presence of this character has not been long, but he has become one of the popular characters with epic skills. This character’s skill is named Time Turner which will create a force field that blocks damage from enemies. You can still shoot enemies outside from within the force field. Other than that, Time Turner will also add move speed team.

3. Andrew


Although one of the old characters, however Andrew remains very strong in terms of defense. Skills Andrew Armor Specialist which will strengthen the armor and make it difficult for the enemy to destroy vest which it uses. Even if the best level is 3 or 4 Andrew become very thick.

4. Shani


This character has skills Gear Recycle which serves to restore armor durability or repair defensive items such as vest. The way you have to kill your opponent and then HP vest you who are broken will be full again. So you should try the character Free Fire with this one strongest defense.

Defense Support Pet

1. Robo


Pet Robo is a round mechanical pet with cat ears. His skill called Wall Enforcement will make the owner’s Gloo Wall stronger with additional HP. Gloo Wall becomes the best defense tool in Free Fire and this pet will maximize the usefulness of Gloo Wall.

2. Poring


This pet has a skill that will repair your armor and helmet when you’re not fighting. This skill will also prevent high-level vests and helmets from being destroyed. In addition, this pet also has a very cute appearance.

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That’s the character information Garena Free Fire with the strongest defense.

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