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4 Best Spots for Mana Farming Materials in Toram Online

Where is the most valuable and sought after material in the game Toram Online, this is because this material is used for the needs of fill stat items (Weapons and Armor). The status that requires mana is critical rate and critical damage, considering the number of jobs that require crt rate and crt damage status, it’s no wonder which material is one of the things that many players need, especially crafters and fill starters.

Toram Online

To find this material, you can get it by processing (proc) items that can be obtained from several existing monsters, until now there are 4 best spots that are used as a place for farming which continuously, want to know? let’s discuss together:

1. Summer Shell Event (Once a Year Event)

Summer shell / Summer Event is the best event for farming mana in Toram Online, this event is held once a year around July – August – September and lasts for approximately 1 month. You can get summer shell items by defeating mobs that have water elements during the event.

Locations that are usually used as farming spots are as follows:

a. Lutaros Cave (Newbie & Low Damage Mage Luck / HB Luck)

  • Fighting monster: Voda Roar (lvl 37)

  • Drop Rate: Low

b. Ultimea Dungeon (Veteran Player with High Damage Mage Luck / HB Luck)

  • Fighting monster: Venomsch

  • Drop Rate: High

c. Ice and Snow Park (Veteran Player with High Damage Mage Luck / HB Luck)

  • Monsters fought: Acernix (lvl 135)

  • Drop Rate: High

2. Plastida Front Post Area 3

  • Fighting monster: Ember Blood Crystal (lvl 168)

  • Drop Rate: High (but still below summer shell event rate)

  • Farm difficulty: Hard

Farming in this place requires HB Luck characters with high levels and damage, that’s because the monsters you fight have very thick damage and HP, in addition to high levels, you also need adequate equipment to farm here, and try to at least beat the monsters with only 2 hits.

3. Solfini Fortress

  • Fighting Monster: Frosti (lvl 79) Drop Rate: Medium

  • Farm difficulty: Medium

For which farm in Solfini Fort, you can use Mage Luck (medium damage) or HB Luck, but it is highly recommended to use Mage Luck (Magic Device), that’s because the farming spot in this place is very wide and the monsters are not gathered in one point only.

4. Tomb of the Ancient Queen Area 2

  • Fighting monster: Cassy (lvl 48)

  • Drop Rate: Very Low

  • Farm difficulty level: Easy

The Tomb of the Ancient Queen is where farming can be done by even low-level characters, but the drop rate of which material items in this place is very low, it is highly recommended to use Mage Luck with MD as the main weapon. This place is highly recommended for those of you who have a very high level of patience.

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That’s all the discussion about the 4 best farming spots where Toram Online is, hopefully what I provide can be useful for many people, thank you.

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