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3 Tips, Ways, Epic Comeback Steps in Mobile Legends Ranked Game

Losing at the beginning of the game does not mean that you have lost because as long as the game is not over there is still a chance to make an epic comeback and win the match. Indeed, not all teams and players have succeeded in making epic comebacks in matches because it takes cohesiveness and intention to win the match. Usually, there are too many scores behind, people prefer to give up and focus on the next match, even though in the next match it is not necessarily possible to win either. Here are some Tips, Ways, Steps for Epic Comeback in Mobile Legends Ranked Game.

1. Keep Hunting and Survive Until All Items Are Finished
The only way to turn things around and win the match is to buy time until the late game and all items are finished, because when you lose a level, it will be difficult to defeat the enemy hero. Usually when the enemy fails to break through our last tower, they will take our buff, kill all the jungle monsters in our area, then immediately go to Lord and try to defeat him. If that happens, immediately clear lane and then go to Lord together with team members and then target the attack towards the opponent’s marksman, if there is no marksman then the assassin is the first target to be attacked and defeated. If the attack fails and 2 of our team’s heroes die, immediately retreat so that the situation doesn’t get worse.

2. Kill Lord After Successfully Defeating At least 2 Enemy Heroes
With God, we seem to get 1 more hero who is a member of the team. Lord will be very helpful to destroy the opponent’s tower because the attack damage is quite painful.

3. Target Kill Marksman When War Occurs
Marksman in the late game has damage that can’t be compared to other types of heroes. Great damage and devastating attack speed make him a very terrible hero. However, unfortunately marksman has a small defense so it is easy to kill. If the marksman is defeated, usually the enemy formation will be easier to split because the assassin has a rather long skill delay so they usually don’t attack continuously.

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