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3 Pets That Can Be Pets in Minecraft PE

Minecraft is a game that can be played with friends to make it more fun. However, even when playing alone you can have friends, namely by making wild animals as pets who can later follow you when hunting or so on.

What kind of animal is that? Check out the following 3 animals that can be used as pets !!

• Wolf

Wolves are wild and scary animals. They can be found in the taiga biome and will attack at night or when threatened.

However, wolves that look terrible can turn out to be the most loyal pets. They will risk their lives for you when dangerous mobs attack.

Then to make wolves as pets, you need to have bones to tame wolves. Bones themselves can be obtained by killing fish or defeating skeleton zombies.

Then, when you have a bone you can look for a wolf and when you find it you hold the bone you have. Approach the wolf until it says “Tame”. Press the text to give the bone until a love-love appears and a red neck, which means the wolf has been successfully tamed.

The wolf that is successfully tamed will automatically follow and you can also order him to sit and feed him with meat.

• Cat

Many people keep cats as pets. Likewise in Minecraft you can keep them as pets.
In Minecraft cats can be found in the countryside and of course still in the wild. For that, if you want to make it as a pet you need to tame it by feeding the fish.

However, giving fish is not as easy as feeding chickens or sheep because cats are shy and will run away when approached. The only way to tame a cat is to hold the fish in your hand. Approach the cat slowly until it’s almost close to you and don’t move. Let the cat approach until it says “Tame”. Press the text to give the fish until the cat appears love-love and red neck. Cats that have been tame will follow you and can be ordered to sit down. By making cats as pets, you will avoid dangerous mobs of creepers because cats are the big enemy of creepers.

• Parrots

Having a beautiful feather color, the cockatoo is very suitable as a pet. Although it is not like other pets that can protect it. At least the cockatoo can be the closest pet to you because it can perch on your shoulder.

If you want to make a parrot as a pet, you can look for it in the jungle biome that is still alive in the wild. So that you tame it first by holding the seed in your hand and approaching the cockatoo, it will display the words “Tame”. They will follow you wherever you go.

Well, those are the animals in Minecraft that can all be kept as pets at once.

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