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3 Best Android Selfie Photo Apps Review and Download

Best selfie photo app collectionselfie taken from the root word Self which means self and selfie itself means taking a photo of yourself with the camera of an Android phone, iPhone or Windows phone. If you are using the front camera of an Android or smartphone,
We can take photos of ourselves with the front camera, which we can preview right on the Android smartphone screen, so that we can adjust the angle or angle of the camera when taking photos of ourselves, which is very easy. Using the rear view camera is very difficult as we struggle to adjust the position of the face and body to our liking.

3 Best Android Selfie Photo Applications Review and Download Cover

However, selfie photos are not as clear with the front camera as with the rear camera as the quality of the camera is better than that of the rear camera as it is generally the case. Don’t worry about this problem because there are 3 best selfie photo apps for Android that will help us conjure up our photos as clear as the rear camera and even better. I will briefly examine the application. Here is a review 3 Android selfie photo apps.

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3 best selfie photo apps for Android

1. Camera360 Ultimate app

Camera360 Ultimate app actually a complete camera application with lots of effects and special selfie camera functions. With this camera, you can edit photos clearly and freshly, even like makeup, the 360 ​​degree changes will be better. It was even reported that someone committed suicide because the face displayed as a profile was very different from the original due to the use of this camera. And this application can be downloaded and installed directly from the Playstore for free.

3 best Android selfie photo apps review and download camera360 Ultimate

2. B612 Selfie Photo App – Selfie from the heart

This application is very famous because it is made by Naver line besides the messenger application, it turns out that there is a very good selfie application out there. Since Line Messenger is very well known, this application is also used by millions of people all over the world. This application allows you to change the beauty more beautiful and handsome with the beauty effect contained in it. In addition to the above functions, there is also a photo collage function, many picture frames in one frame. Plus, you can also take selfie videos, that’s interesting. You can install it directly from the Playstore for free.

3 best android selfie photo apps review and download camera b612

3. Selfie Beauty Plus Photo App – Magical

With the Photos app Selfie Beauty Plus You can get beauty and good looks automatically without editing them first, e.g. B. Whiter, whiter fresher, remove black spots and look younger. And lots of photo effects in there. You can install it for free from the Playstore.

3 Best Android Selfie Photo Applications Review & Download Camera Beauty Plus

These are the 3 best selfie photos on Android
These 3 applications will allow you to maximize your selfie photos and share with your friends a beautiful and handsome face resulting from that photo. Hope it’s useful.

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