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10 Ways to Overcome Lineage 2 Revolution: Unfortunately the App has Stopped

Notification appears
The “unfortunately app has stopped” notification appears frequently in newly released games.

Continuing the previous article entitled how to deal with Lineage 2 Revolution which often comes out by itself. This time I will continue to discuss the Causes and Solutions to overcome the appearance of notifications:

Unfortunately the app (Lineage 2 Revolution) has stopped”

Lineage 2 Revolution don’t want to respond”

And other problems/errors”

The emergence of related notifications as above is actually very natural for an android game, including Lineage 2 Revolution which was just released in a matter of days yesterday.

Cause of error: Unfortunately the app has stopped

Below I have collected some of the causes that could allow notifications to occur “Unfortunately the app has stopped” in an android game Lineage 2 Revolution.

1. Memory (RAM) is almost full

The first thing that causes “unfortunately app has stopped” is running out of space on the phone’s RAM memory.

This incident is very often experienced by medium to low phones that only have mediocre RAM capacity.

To play the game Lineage 2 Revolution, the required RAM capacity is at least 1GB. (minimum)

For those of you who are still using 512MB of RAM, this game will definitely not be able to run optimally.

2. Too many unnecessary apps in the background

Too many unnecessary applications in the background can also be the cause of notifications “Unfortunately the app has stopped” when played.

This is because there is a conflict between game data and the Android OS system that is running at the same time.

3. Internet connection is not stable

Pound number 3 also applies to other games Mobile Legend, Clash of Clans, AOV, Clash Royale, etc.

Internet connection that suddenly disappears, is unstable, disconnected, can also be the cause of classic problems in a game.

4. There are some corrupted files

The next possibility that can happen is that there are some important game files that turn out to be corrupt.

Important files in this game can be images, audio, scripts, etc.

And if one of these important components is corrupt/missing, then of course an error will occur, until finally the game will exit itself and sometimes a “unfortunately application has stopped” notification appears.

5. Your game, maybe the MOD version

Some MOD versions of games are usually not modified by the author perfectly, because usually these people are only a small group who really like the game.

It’s better to just use the original version which is downloaded directly through the Google Playstore.

6. Memory (internal) full condition

It could be that the phone / internal memory on your cellphone is FULL.

Some temporary files cannot be saved perfectly, until finally the game will HANG, followed by the appearance of a notification:

Unfortunately, the app has stopped…

7. Device is not compatible

This can also be the cause, maybe the cellphone you are using is actually not compatible with the game you are going to play.

This incompatibility can be on Hardware, Software, Android OS, and so on.

8. The state of the phone is too hot, overheating

Playing games for too long can also be the cause of the emergence of errors in a game.

This overheating situation, of course, will interfere with hardware performance in running some games that are classified as heavy.

9. Insufficient phone specifications

Maybe, your phone’s specifications are not sufficient for this game.

First, check the Processor, GPU, and the amount of RAM on the phone.

10. No additional…

So far there has been nothing else that causes Lineage 2 to appear “Unfortunately the application has stopped”. It will probably be added in the future. (if any)

SOLUTION: Unfortunately the app has stopped

Now, continuing to the SOLUTION in overcoming “unfortunately the application has stopped”, namely by doing the “reverse” of the causes that I wrote above earlier.

  1. Make sure the remaining RAM space is relieved
  2. Using few applications (active background)
  3. Using a stable internet connection
  4. Make sure the file is perfect (not corrupt)
  5. Using the Original version of the game
  6. Leave enough internal memory
  7. Ensure compatibility of mobile devices
  8. Keep your phone from overheating
  9. The specifications have been adjusted to the needs of the game
  10. and many more

How is that clear?

OR, any questions??? (write in comments)


So the conclusion is, maintaining the state of the phone is important to do. This is in order to maximize the phone so that it is at its best performance in everyday use.


Remember, the points I wrote above are my own personal opinion. So it’s only natural if there are things that don’t match / agree with those of you who are reading this article.


That’s the article about How to Solve Lineage 2 Revolution error: Unfortunately the application has stopped. Hopefully the information that I have written through the article above can be useful for those of you who read it.

Sorry if there is a wrong word,

See you at another time.

thank you

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