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10 Seed Village Minecraft PE v1.11 - v1.16 with Pillager Outpost or Nearby Mansion

With the presence of villager and pillager updates, it does not only change the appearance of the village and the villager. But also changes the position of the village so that the seed village that is usually used can no longer be used.

For this reason, this time Gamelmit will distribute seed villages that match the villager and pillager update. Where is the village seed that you can use starting from v1.11 to now v1.16, it is near the pillager outpost and the mansion where the villager and pilager are hostile.

Well, for those of you who want to try these seeds. Here are 10 Minecraft PE village seeds with pillager outposts or nearby mansions.

10 Seed Village Minecraft PE v1.11 – v1.16 with Pillager Outpost or Nearby Mansion

1. 1535792966

Village and Pillager Outposts: x=633 y=65 z=128

First there is seed 1535792966, when using this seed you can find a village and pillager outpost between the taiga biome and plains. You just have to walk from the spawn point to go to the village.

2. peakmotion | -1744777899

Villages: x=583 y=74 z=137

Pillar Outpost: x=735 y=76 z=251

When you want to find villages and pillager outposts in the snow biome, you can use one of the seeds above because both seeds spawn in the same place and not far from where you spawn you will find a village divided by a river and some villages are in the snow biome Then, when walking along the frozen river you will find a pilager outpost covered by snow on the river bank.

3. 2048971879

Villages and Pyramids: x=28 y=69 z=114

Pillar Outpost: x=226 y=72 z=125

By using this seed, you will find a plains village in the river that is directly adjacent to the desert biome and the pyramids. As for the pillager outpost, it is not far from the two buildings.

4. blacksmith plz

Villages: x=155 y=78 z=118

Pillager Outpost and Pyramid: x=130 y=75 z=276

Not much different from the previous seed, if you use this seed it will spawn on the edge of the sea. Once you follow the edge, you will find a unique desert village. Then, not far from the village you will find a pillager outpost on the side there is pyramid. Be careful when you want to loot the pyramid because next to it there is a very deep chasm.

5. 540375702

Village and Pillager Outposts: x=1388 y=77 z=148

Almost similar to the blacksmith seed plz, this seed you will also find a desert village and pillager outpost. The difference is that the pillager outpost is directly local to the village and when you loot the chests in the pillager outpost you can get 2 bottles o’ enchanting.

6. -77107740

Villages and Mansions: x=661 y=74 z=-440

Village 2: x=546 y=72 z=-765

Strongholds: x=546 y=30 z=-765

If you use seed -77107740, you will see villages around the mansion. There is something interesting about this village, one of the buildings is floating. And not far from the village and the mansion, you will again find a village in the taiga biome under which stands a stronghold.

7. -1269715627

Villages and Mansions: x=4418 y=75 z=657

For those of you who like to mine only on the surface but the place is not far from the village and mansion, this seed is the answer. Because you will find a village near the mansion whose area is partly in the taiga biome and next to a deep ravine with lots of resources.

8. 1483920

Villagers and Mansions: x=4431 y=66 z=-1924

It looks smaller than the village near other mansions. Making this seed is perfect for those of you who want to enlarge the village because the surrounding area has plains that are quite large and surrounded by rivers. So it will be beautiful when building a large village there.

9. 776972553

Villages and Mansions: x=19637 y=70 z=19581

If you are looking for villages and mansions that are close to the mobs spawner, you can try this seed. Because on one of the 3rd floor mansion rooms without a door there is a spider spawner. This is perfect for those of you who like farm xp.

10. -44109711

Villages and Mansions: x=-4583 y=70 z=163

Lastly, the seed village and mansion are quite beautiful for you to try because the village and mansion this time are surrounded by several earth and rock cliffs on top of which there is snow.

Notes : For some seeds there are slight differences in each version such as the gap in seeds number 4 and 7 you will not see it in v1.14 and above. Likewise with other differences you can try the seeds yourself.


• -525653445

Mansion and Pillager Outpost: x=8183 y=85 z=-6073

This seed is not a seed village with a mansion or pillager outpost nearby. However, it is interesting to try because by using this seed you will find an outpost pillager near the mansion. At first you will spawn on the river bank with a birch forest surrounding it. Then, when you move to the coordinates that have been determined above, you will find the two buildings are adjacent and connected to each other.

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