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Worst Gusion Build 2021 Mobile Legends

Android31 – Gusion is one of the heroes in the Mobile Legends game, this hero belongs to the assassin category, who is very agile and has combination skills.

Gusion’s combo skill is capable of killing tank role heroes very easily. This hero is quite difficult to use, but even so many players choose this hero for a match.

For those of you who enjoy using this hero, the following Android31 offers a recommendation for the sickest Gusion 2021.

Magical shoes

Magical shoes are the first must-have item when using Gusion. This item can provide + 10% cooldown reduction and +40 movement speed.

Disaster Reaper

The next item is Clamity Reaper, where this item can offer +70 magical power, +100 mana, +30 mana regeneration, and + 10% cooldown reduction.

This item also has a unique passive nature and can deal True Damage equal to 120% Magical Attack.

Holy crystal

Holy crystal is the next item you can use to build Gusion. With this item you get an additional +100 magical power and increase the magical attack by 21% to 35%.

Divine glaive

With this item you get +65 Magical Power and + 40% Magical Penetration. This item also has passive properties that can provide 30% unique effects when the hero’s HP is over 70%.

Winter club

The next item is perfect for you in the late game, where this item can provide an additional +60 Magical Power, +25 Physical Defense, and +400 HP. This item also has an active skill that can give the enemy a freeze effect when used.

Concentrated energy

Concentrated energy is the final item to build Gusion Mobile Legends. With this item you get +70 Magical Power, +700 HP and +25 Magical Lifesteal.

In addition, this item gives you a unique passive ability that allows you to restore HP by 10% if Gusion can kill his opponent.

This is the build of Gusion Tersakit 2021 Mobile Legends. If you have other recommendations, please write in the comments column.

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