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Windtalker, the most flexible item for shooters - Mobile Legends Item Tutorial

Windtalker Guide Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Wind announcer is one of the attack objects in the game Mobile Legends Bang Bang. Windtalker is an attack item and is typically used by physical heroes such as shooters, fighters, and assassins.

Although this Windtalker item does not offer any additional physical attack status, this item does offer other statuses that are also very important, including Critical Chance. This item usually pairs very well with Berseker’s Fury or Scarlet Phantom.

In this article, Cecepkocep will now discuss the Windtalker item in more detail. What’s so good about this article? How effective is this item in the Mobile Legends game? Let’s take a look at the following discussion.

The function of the Windtalker Mobile Legends item

The main function of the item Windtalker is to increase attack speed and critical chance. But in fact there is another status that there is for it to become a high selling power.

Base status

+ 40% attack speed: The addition of this status is of course very important for archer and combat heroes as well as some assassins. The addition of Windtalker’s attack speed status is the highest of any other attack item.

+20 movement speed: that will be something Sales power Main object of Windtalker. Therefore, the hero you use will have greater mobility.

+ 10% critical chance: Your critical damage will often come out with this status, especially when combined with Berserker’s Fury items.

Passive 1: Typoon

Windtalker Mobile Legends
Windtalker Mobile Legends

Every 3.5 seconds your normal attack hits 3 enemies at the same time and gives 100 magical attacks. The cooldown of this passive will decrease as your critical chance increases. Therefore, this Windtalker item is very well suited to be combined with Scarlet Phantom and Berserker’s Fury items.

Meanwhile, Passive Windtalker’s damage will increase as your attack speed increases too. Therefore, this Windtalker is very good in combination with the items Golden Rod and Corrosive Scythe, which offer a high attack speed.

Passive 2: Active

The second passive of the item Windtalker is every time your first passive is used (Typoon) then your movement speed increases by 5%. However, it is not known how long this effect will last. So the most important thing is the first passive, huh.

Windspeaker and Berserker’s Anger and Scarlet Phantom

Berserker’s Fury item gives you a 25% critical chance. Hence, this item is very useful for maximizing the passivity of Windtalker items. Windtalker passive items are often added at a critical chance.

The item “Scarlet Phantom” also gives you a 25% critical chance, just like the item “Berserker’s Fury”. Adding this status will result in Windtalkers Passive coming out often. So this Windtalker works very well with Berserker’s Fury items or with Scarlet Phantom items.

Wind speaker and golden rod

The item “Golden Staff” gives you 30% attack speed. Thus, when you buy the Golden Staff item, you get additional attack speed again. Therefore, the damage from passive Windalker items will be greater or greater than 100 points.

But the risk is that the critical chance offered by the Windtalker item will be wasted for free. Because the Golden Staff item converts the critical chance you have into attack speed. However, this actually increases your attack speed and the damage from passive Windtalker items increases even further.

For whom is it suitable?

The Windtalker item is very suitable for heroes who increase critical damage. Hence, often the critical damage you have will come out. What’s more, if you really need extra movement speed, you can buy this item as well. One of the heroes who really need it is Helcurt, Natalia and Lesley.

When was it bought?

One thing that you should know about the Windtalker item is that this item is a support item. Windtalker is not the main element. Windtalker is a support item for other items like Berserker’s Fury.

Natalia Starlight Skin Phantom Dancer Mobile Legends
Natalia Mobile Legends

Then this Windtalker was designed to increase the mobility of the heroes you use. So we can buy this item in the early game for heroes who have a critical chance based on their skills, such as Lesley and Natalia.

This Windtalker item doesn’t offer any additional physical attack status so the damage you will deal won’t be great. So try not to have a team fight by relying only on this item. You need to buy Windtalker after your attack item is ready. The subject of attack I recommend is Berserker’s Fury.

That is the discussion about the Windtalker item in the Mobile Legends Bang Bang game this time. Keep visiting Cecepkocep’s blog for the latest articles on Mobile Legends.

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