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What is an alliance in FF and why is Team Thailand considered a scam? – What is an alliance in ff and why is the Thai team considered unsporting if it wins the 2021 FFCS tournament?

Alliance in FF is a form of collaboration between teams EXP Esports and King of the Players at the 2021 FFCS tournament. This was clearly shown when the two Thai teams clashed and weren’t fighting as they should.

As a result, the two teams that formed an alliance in the FF achieved 1st and 2nd place in the FFCS tournament 2021. Meanwhile, Indonesian representatives, namely RRQ Hades and Evos Esports, went 3rd and 4th.

The TikTok video uploaded by Rendy Rangers shows that the Thai team EXP Esports and King of Gamer have formed an alliance by avoiding fighting each other.

Quite a few comments claim that the Thai team formed an alliance and did not respect the other country’s teams at the 2021 FFCS tournament.

There are also those who say this is a tactic for the Thai team to win the tournament (read #Thailandpride).

But of course, regardless of whether their alliance is true, such tactics are not at all justified. In a tournament, all teams should compete against each other to be the best.

The alliance between the Free Fire guilds in FFCS 2021 certainly reduces the sportsmanship that is present in the tournament.

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EXP Esports and King of Gamer sit side by side

FFCS 2021

The surprising news came from various photos floating around showing that EXP Esports and King of Gamer were in the same room at FFCS 2021.

The weirdness continued to emerge when the audience saw EXP Esports and King of Gamer sitting side by side on the players bench.

To date, there has been no confirmation from Garena Free Fire regarding the issues encountered with the tournament as FFCS 2021 is a competition sponsored directly by Garena.

This has certainly made Free Fire Indonesian game lovers even more angry about what happened at FFCS 2021. Quite a few asked for a rematch and also for an official statement from Garena.

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Hopefully such alliances in ff will no longer exist in future tournaments. Then the official statement on this alliance has to be clarified again.

It is not impossible, if this alliance tactic continues to be allowed, other teams from the same country will use this tactic to become champions.

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