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Title: Weakest hero in the Mobile Legends game
Link: Weakest hero in the Mobile Legends game

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Weakest hero in the Mobile Legends game

Friends of Mobile Legends players must have memorized the names of the heroes in the game which are old heroes and new heroes, that’s now roughly 71 heroes released in the Mobile Legends game, there may be many more as time goes on other heroes who are presented with a variety of characters and of course with a variety of other unique abilities.

Choosing a hero with good skills can also improve the player’s own skills, namely choosing a strong hero and not choosing a weak hero for matches, especially in ranked mode. In this article, the admin is going to review some of the weakest heroes in mobile Legends games and those are definitely going to have a bad impact until it becomes a burden on the team if you force them to use it. Let’s see which heroes are.

Hero Argus

Weakest hero in the Mobile Legends game

known as the strongest fighter hero in the Mobile Legends game, but this opinion is wrong for players who already understand the Argus character. Argus has the ultimate Eternal evil Argus will be immune for 5 seconds and 100% of the damage he takes is HP with 80 seconds cooldown.

Now the secret of dealing with Argus is out, namely to avoid that Argus Ultimate switches off for about 5 seconds and to attack again when Ultimate Argus is no longer active Attack or not damage Argus.

Hero Zhask

Weakest hero in the Mobile Legends game

Zhask is a mage-type hero and is classified as a hero who has been in the Mobile Legends game for a long time, at first glance this hero looks like an alien carrying a monster named Nightmaric turns into a terrible giant monster, the one Attacks opponents who are nearby and of course should be within range. Nightmaric or Zhask’s monster will disappear when Zhask dies or Zhask is far from him.

Although Zhask is under Nightmaric’s protection, Zhask makes an easy target for fighter heroes. Since the damage done by Nightmaric is not significant enough to protect Zhask from the attack speed of fighter heroes, and Zhask himself is a hero mage who has usually soft cell phones, Skill 2 and Skill 3 from Zhask couldn’t do much against the enemy either.
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Hero Estes

Weakest hero in the Mobile Legends game

Estes is a support-type hero whose ultimate has no damage at all, but has a very large healing effect, namely adding a friend’s Hp hero. Hero Estes only has damage attacks on basic attacks and skill 2 with additional slowing effects for the opponent.

Hero Estes can’t do much in solo and team fights as the opponent usually attacks first, targeting Hero Estes, and Estes is an easy target for opponents like Assassin when teamwork isn’t good.

Vexana hero

Weakest hero in the Mobile Legends game

Vexana is a very slow hero mage and of course has soft blood like hero mages in general, what makes Vexana weak is ability 2, which is so slow, although it has a sufficient damage advantage, very easily vulnerable to being shunned by the opponent.

Skill 3 or Ultimate from Vexana can only kill an enemy if they die and also come out for a very long time or still have a cooldown even though they are depressed and active, making it easy for enemies to dodge.

These are some of my reviews of the weakest hero in Mobile Legends game, I hope it is useful. Thanks for reading, if you have any questions please comment on the location provided and have fun.

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