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Wanwan Mobile Legends Skin Epic Edition will be released in February 2021

Android31 – We both know that Moonton, as the developer of the Mobile Legends game, keeps rolling out new skins every month, whether it’s an Epic, Regular or even Starlight skin.

Previously, Android 31 had leaked cool Mobile Legends skins that will be released in 2021.

The new skin, which will be released in January 2021, has been officially confirmed by Moonton for Hero Valir with the skin name “Valir Demonlord” in the skin in which Valir wears Japanese clothes with a creepy and cool look.

The February 2021 Skin Award was given to a sniper-type hero, Wanwan. This hero is very popular with Mobile Legends players.

Wanwan will have a skin called “Pixel Blast” where this hero looks like a masked hero. The predominant color is purple and wears glasses that resemble a mask.

This skin is also Wanwan’s first and last skin for the Collector category.

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