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Very easy! How to turn off autoplay of videos on Facebook

As I have seen lately, there is a huge increase in activity when watching Facebook videos. Personally, I can spend more than 3GB / day watching videos on Facebook. It’s really annoying because I keep buying quotas which is draining my wallet.

Of course I don’t want to lose anymore! And after doing my research, it turned out that a lot of my quota on Facebook was wasted. Still confused about the cause, I tried turning off autoplay for Facebook videos.

After a week, it is true that the Facebook video autoplay feature can actually use up our quota. The proof is that my quota usage is much more efficient than in the days before.

Why does Facebook video autoplay need to be disabled immediately?

Because this function plays all videos that are in our timeline. In fact, it is not uncommon for this feature to play Facebook videos without our will. And this is where your quota starts to waste.

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Well, if you have the same problem and want to turn off Facebook’s autoplay feature right away, this tutorial is the solution.

How to turn off autoplay videos on Facebook easily

Here’s how to quickly turn off the autoplay video feature on Facebook:

1. Please log into your Facebook account first.

2. Then click the Options button (inverted triangle) and select arrangement. For those who are still confused, please see the picture below.

3. Third, when a new page opens, please select the menu Videos which is at the bottom. See the picture below.

4. Fourth, on the menu bar for automatic video playback, change the default setting to Dead.

How to turn off autoplay video on Facebook5. Done!

Simple, isn’t it? How to Turn Off Autoplay Videos on Facebook in No Time. Hopefully this article can save your quota usage.

The last word

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