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Title: VALIR Hero Mage Mobile Legend
Link: VALIR Hero Mage Mobile Legend

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VALIR Hero Mage Mobile Legend

The 57th hero VALIR, a hero mage who is identical to fire, boys, it’s getting hotter, boys, in the arena of mobile legends.

This kind of hero mages, very similar to fire, certainly adds to the collection of hero mages in mobile legends, folks, heard that Valir still has historical ties to heroes of heroes, folks. how is the story? let’s see below .. !!

According to legend, there was a beautiful and rich land at the end of the western desert. Pyursfrom is in this wonderland. From day one at the wizarding academy, Phyrus’ exceptional control drew everyone’s attention.

Gord, who was teaching the art of mysterious magic at the time, saw something in Phyrus that resembled his old self.

Gord, however, began to regret his deeds, which had taught the secret of the great power of the fire mage. Gord began to get annoyed by the negative energy that was beginning to radiate from Phyrus (Valir), and his arrogant and stubborn nature made Gord lose his sympathy.

Always curious, Phyrus begins to combine ancient fire spells from his desert home (Gord) with the mysterious powers that Gord taught to create a unique form of magical fire. When he felt the radiance of the magical energy of Valir, Gord had the feeling that he had betrayed himself because he had created the terrible monster Valir.

Gord regretted letting Valir tarnish the power of the pure fire mage and burning his training ground in a terrible sea of ​​red flames.

Gord was very angry and finally decided to take the power of fire from Pyrus (Valir). However, Phyrus did not remain silent after receiving an attack from his teacher Gord, who then fought back with all his might, resulting in half of the Magic Academy being destroyed in this violent and fiery clash.

At the end of the argument, Gord recognized the power of Pyrus (Valir) and was proud that the fire magic of the mysterious Phyrus was able to defend itself against the mysterious power of Gord.

In the end, Phyrus left the academy where he trained and studied and changed his name to Valir, the lord of fire. One day Valir will return and fight the last fight with Gord (his teacher) again.

Feeling that he had found a very special talent, Gord began to develop a force that could make him fly to find new places with other extraordinary potentials.

In this context, Phyrus’ character is Valir.
And it’s still a mystery, the last part of the story of Valir, where Gord as a teacher still wants to find new recruits, with a plan to make the first flying machine.

It seems that if you don’t know the skills of this Valir hero, knowing the hero is still missing.

Passive Valir Skill: “Arcane Flame “
Skills Passive valir once every 20 seconds, Skills You can remove Burst Fire or Searing Torrent without it cooling down.

Skills First Valir: “Explosion fire
Skills This valir can have an effect slowly to the enemy 80 percent.

Valir’s second ability: ” “Find Torrents”
Valir’s second skill is capable of pushing back the enemy, dealing magical damage to 375 men, and the enemy hit by the top of this skill is dealt 125 additional magical damage

Valir’s third ability: ” Hellfire “
Valir’s third ability is quite interesting because enemy heroes within range of that ultimate range will be hit by fire and jump high, dealing damage damage of 300 magic damage. Of course, this ultimate will make it difficult for the opponent’s hero to move …

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