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Update patch 1.5.44 latest mobile legend

Mobile Legend will be updated again on January 4th, 2021. Ling received a buff again in patch 1.5.44. Here are the heroes who are getting buffs and nerfs as well as some other customizations.

Hero Buff:


Skill 2: Basic damage from impact: 250-400 to 350-500.

Basic HP regeneration: 125-200 to 125-250.


Basic energy regeneration: 3 to 5

Total rain on a wall 8 10


Skill 2: Cooldown before 10-8 seconds to 8-6.5 seconds. This 2nd skill can penetrate thicker walls than before.


Skill 1: Cooldown before 10-8 seconds to 7 seconds.

Skill 2: The damage to minions ratio has been increased from 50% to 60%.

Nerf Heroes:


Ultimate: base damage of each hit from 120-160 to 100-130.


Base damage of a fully charged auto attack from 50 to 0.

Minion Damage Reduction Ratio: 40% to 50% Skill 1.

Slash base damage from 100-220 to 50-150.


Base damage from 250-550 to 200-550.

The physical bonus attack has been increased from 120% to 125%.

Luo Yi

Base reaction damage from 450 to 400.

The bonus magic power has been increased slightly from 180% to 190%.

Battlefield adjustments:

1. Siege Minion Wave:

Physical defense growth from 0 to 4

Magic defense growth from 0 to 3

2. Normal Siege Minion Wave: Physical Attack Growth: 15-25.

3. Siege Minion Wave Physical Attack Growth After Destroying Enemy Base Tower: 15-30.

4. Physical attack growth of the Siege Minion wave after eliminating the Lord from 19.6 to 33.

These were some of the updates to Mobile Legend patch 1.5.44. Hopefully helpful and thank you ..

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