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Unfavorable confessions; Pubg blocked by Kominfo - PlayGames-de | Games | Android | iOS | Pc

In this post I just want to have one opinion, hopefully none of you are offended by what I’m up to.

What would you do or how would you feel if there were people who forbid or limit your wishes? Perhaps some of you feel upset, angry because you think that the person does not value our joy.

Maybe friends have this feeling playing Pubg mobile games. As is currently reported, there is a discourse about the ban or blocking of pubg games in Indonesia by Communications and Information Technology, which was initiated by the MUI (Indonesian Ulema Council).

governor West Java Ridwan Kamil supports PUBG blocking

This fact is supported by several regional leaders, including the governor West Java Ridwan Kamil. He argues that the decision of the Indonesian Ulema Council issued a fatwa stating that this Pabji is haram simply because he wants to protect the way of life of the Indonesian people.

Because, as we all know, there was a shootout in New Zealand recently. I myself don’t understand why they attribute the event to the game.

They believe that Player Unknown’s Battleground game contains violent elements that induce certain people or parties to behave or imitate the actions in the game.

If you are just studying something in such a simple way, then why not prohibit and block action games that clearly show shootings, rebellions, fighting or other violence from circulating in Indonesia?

I myself have had the pleasure of playing pub games with friends, the pleasure of having a chicken diner together is an unforgettable experience.

There is a friend of mine who used to not want to socialize and always lock himself up at home, now has a lot of friends thanks to the Pubg game. In fact, he and his new friends have already teamed up and won the Pubg event as well, even though it was only a regional event.

However, it actually made his parents proud and continued to support my friend’s enjoyment. That is the positive, what I feel and see directly related to this game.

Actually there are many other positive things that we find in gambling, but there is only one group of people who are always looking for mistakes or looking at them from the negative side.

16 year old child writes petition “Reject Haram Fatwa and block PUBG”

Jeremiah Luorde's petition rejects Haram Fatwa and PUBG blocking
Jeremiah Luorde’s petition rejects Haram Fatwa and PUBG blocking

If you want to support this petition, just go to the site

This motion to reject the child regarding the ban on the Pubg game was addressed directly to the head of state of the Republic of Indonesia, namely President Jokowi, as well as to other related parties such as Kominfo and the Indonesian Ulema Council. When this article was last written (March 28, 2021), around 14,880 people had supported this petition. In describing the online petition, Jeremiah wrote;

“Even so, I agree that PUBG games will be blocked as long as all war-related games and shootings in all media (smartphones and playgrounds in shopping malls) are also removed, not just PUBG, all war-themed films and armed fighting (be it in Theaters) and on television) are also blocked. If possible, kitchen knife factories are also closed in Indonesia because there is a high risk of murder and knife stabbing in the area. “

If you look at it from the point of view of the child I arrested, he would like to say that the government’s policy should not be half-hearted if the ban on PUBG Mobile is caused by elements of violence in the game, other games that also contain elements of violence, must also be treated equally. It is as if the Pubji game became the scapegoat for the terrorism case that occurred some time ago in New Zealand and the effects of which have permeated that country as well.

I support this petition myself because I think the problem here is not with the game, but with the person who played it.

So long ago I wrote this article, although it wouldn’t do much, but I believe that I am not alone, that there are many player friends who agree with me.

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