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Twilight Armor, main tank item for fighting Aldous - Mobile Legends Item Tutorial

Guide Twilight Armor Mobile Legends
Guide Twilight Armor Mobile Legends

One of the items in the game Mobile legends is Twilight armor. This item is in the item of defense and of course is always used by tank heroes. This item is normally always used by tanks when fighting Aldous.

Well in this article I am going to discuss the elements Twilight Armor Mobile Legends . What are the functions of this article and under what circumstances should we buy it? Let’s take a look at the rating below.

Mobile Legends Twilight armor feature

Before we get into the passive voice, let’s first take a look at the basic state of Twilight Armor.

Base status

Twilight Armor Mobile Legends
Twilight Armor Mobile Legends

+1200 hp: Twlight Armor’s extra HP is huge folks. It even became the second-largest HP gain after the Sky Guardian helmet in Mobile Legends. Of course, when you use this article you will have very thick blood.

+400 mana: Of course folks, this large mana allowance is very useful, especially for heroes who use mana. For example Akai and Hylos.

+50 HP regeneration: Although not very big. But this addition will be very useful, especially if your blood is dying. With HP Rain, your blood will be filled every second.

If we are careful, this twilight armor does not give status armor Yet Magical dissolution. This item only offers a large additional HP. Eits, but that’s not the selling point of this article. This subject’s passive voice is very useful, you know.

Passive: defiance

The passive of the item Twilight Armor is to make physical harm The enemy does not exceed 900. So although the enemy hero has very large damage, but if you use this item, the damage you will receive will not be more than 900.

However, the passive of this item has cooling downwhich corresponds to a cooldown of 4 seconds. So you should be able to see the state of the game. Before going to war, try to see if the Twilight Armor passive is active or not.

For whom is it suitable?

Yes folks, this Twilight armor is very good for tank heroes. You must be resistant to damage from enemy heroes. With this item, the damage you will receive will not exceed 900.

Aldous Mobile Legends
Aldous Mobile Legends

However, the hero who is really recommended to use this Twilight armor item is Hylos. Why is that? The mana this item provides is enormous. Hence the blood that will belong to Hylos will be thicker. But don’t forget that Twilight armor is not a core item for Hylos.

When was it bought?

It should be noted that this Twilight Armor is not a main item, it is only a conditional item. This item is bought when fighting heroes who do very large amounts of damage, usually shooters or especially Aldous. Because the more the game has entered the late game phase, the greater the damage caused by Aldous.

Hence, Twilight armor is usually bought in the late game or when the enemy gunner is ready. Before that, you first buy your core items such as armor and Magic Res.

That is the discussion of the Twilight Armor item this time. Don’t forget to check out Cecepkocep’s blog for additional information. Hopefully helpful and thank you.

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