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Learn how to use Jawhead properly and properly. The unique thing is that he has the ability to throw other heroes, including his own teammates. Hence, it is certain that many players use this hero to control their own team, e.g. towers and so on, but if we can play Jawhead properly this hero is very OP once it can do very high damage at the beginning of the game .


JAha is one of the best heroes to fight magician heroes in Mobile Legends as he can attack quickly and also throw enemies near our team. All heroes with low mobility such as magicians and snipers are the main food, these heroes are also very flexible as tankers and hunters including semi-tank hunters build, but we have to learn to position ourselves well, whether we are damagers or want to play as a tank controller / crowd controller, you can say this hero is like 11-12 like Chou is a tough fighter who has complementary CC skills so we can sculpt him as a tank or a fighter.

Advantages of the jaw head:

Very strong in the early game, initially the damage skill 1 game is very painful so we can hit the enemy as quickly as possible and push the tower aggressively. In addition to this, Skill 2 is also very useful for throwing enemies into the tower area, so this hero is really effective at dealing with turrets and defense towers in the early stages of the game.

Mage and sniper assassin, with 3 skills I can target a target and then move on to skill 2 to throw targets at our team so soft heroes can be easily caught, these heroes are more suitable for cheating and crowd control. instead of being a fighter / destroyer.

It’s fun to play, it’s clear that playing the hero Jaw head It will be more fun because Skill 2 is different from all the other heroes, whether we play serious or casual, but this hero’s gameplay is cool and we won’t get bored anytime soon. Fanny). Especially if we want to work on toxic players / friends this hero is perfect for wreaking havoc, although this is actually negative gameplay (don’t try to have fun on leaderboards).

Very good hero, the 2nd skill before throwing the target gives him a movement speed bonus so we can use this skill to escape / chase the enemy, then the 3rd skill has quite a long range and auto aim is determined When these two skills are combined, enemies are easily grabbed.

Jaw head deficiency:

Slow mobility, walking movement Jaw head only fast when he lets go of skill 2 (before throwing his target), besides, he is just an ordinary fighter with minimal movement speed and quite easy to hit, this movement is quite slow and unfortunately the strongest skill is only suitable for hunting enemies around not to escape the pursuit of the enemy

Very soft, if we build as a fighter he will be very weak in the front row in the team fight / war team, even if we build armor items he is still soft (not as hard as Balmond / Hilda) because it is a fighter. From a skill point of view – even this hero is designed as a full damage blast fighter so we need to be vigilant and careful when attacking / picking up the enemy hero as well, we could get caught if we approach.

Depending on the team, Jawhead is the type of fighter who relies more on skill than normal attacks as they are not a fighter with fights (except in early games).

Single crowd control target, the most important key in playing this hero is to lock an important target to attack / strike so we can dominate the game as skill 2 and skill 3 can only lock one target so this hero at 5. is less effective vs 5 because it requires control mobs to control the crowded situation when the team is at war, but if we manage to kill a major hero like the main enemy, it will be easier for us to dominate the game with that hero .

Mandible Tips for Build Items:

Jaw head Build item tips are very flexible, we can build as tanks, half tanks or fighters (full damage) but the key is that we have to pay attention to the composition of our own team, if there is no damage we will build fighter planes when we lack defense, we build tankers, if it’s balanced we can try to build a half-tank.

The above build is the one I recommend the most, the first row is the tank building, the second row is the half tank building and the last is the hunter building kit, based on my experience the half tank building is the most ideal for different situations because we do damage (+ Lifesteal) and still have enough defense to defend our team.
Try to experiment with different item combinations as this hero building item is very flexible. So it can’t hurt to use your own building item that better suits your style / style of play.

The most suitable battle spell for Jaw head are petrifying and flicker.
Use Petrify for extra control over the crowd. This spell is the most ideal and recommended spell for Jawbones as it can be combined with 2 and 3 skills when collecting your opponents.
Use flicker to chase / escape from enemies. This spell is also useful for catching enemies trying to escape from Skill 2, so even with Flicker -> Skill 2 we can quickly perform surprise attacks when the enemy is unprepared.

For emblems we can use Common Physical or Custom Tank emblems.

Jawhead is great / OP against the following heroes:
All magicians & support heroes
All sniper heroes

Jawhead is very weak against the following heroes:

Mandible head skill combination:

There are 2 ways to use skill combinations Jaw head the first to throw enemies into towers and maximize damage to towers (usually early in the game) and the second to take out enemies both in empty lanes and in their own tower lane.
For the first we use the following combination:
Skill 2 (engage) -> Skill 2 (throw) -> Skill 3 -> followed by Skill 1 + Petrify (if available)
Combination of skills to take
Now for the second, if we want to take the fleeing enemy or remove the enemy hero who is in the tower, we can use the following combination:
Skill 2 (engage) -> Skill 3 -> Skill 2 (throw) -> followed by Skill 1 + Petrify (if available)
Note: make sure we use Hero Lock mode so as not to lock the wrong target / hero around when using Ulti

Tips & tricks for the hero guide Jawhead:

Before deciding which build we are going to use, you should check the team composition and the roles present, whether they need more damage or defense, if in doubt I recommend building a half tank / fighter instead.

Try targeting mages and snipers as these heroes of Jawhead are very easy to find, aside from whether our war team can throw enemies at their own friends for instant damage and stun.
If we try to escape, we can throw away enemies who are chasing us to keep them away. Even better, if we can throw other friends to be stunned, we can also use jungle minions to help us escape.
Always simple spam attacks when we use skill 1, as the passive skill effect causes us a lot of damage, especially when we use skill 1.
Jawhead is a working hero like Ruby and Chou, so your best bet is not to be alone in empty lanes or solo boosts, but to use your scooping skills to give our team a chance to get kills / assists.
Diligently watch pro videos from Jawhead users or live stream players Jaw head great, so that they can learn and master this hero better.

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