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Tutorial How to Exchange Garena AOV Credit Tokens (Arena of Valor)

Tutorial How to Exchange Garena AOV Credit Tokens (Arena of Valor) – Garena AOV is the # 1 best 5vs5 MOBA game in Asia. Garena, the publisher of AOV Indonesia, is currently hosting a super interesting event that will give away legume prizes for its active players. The credit that can be obtained is quite large, namely Rp. 50,000 to Rp. 100,000. Wow very interesting, isn’t it? Not only credit, Garena also hosted a Friday special event where players had the opportunity to get an Oppo F3 smartphone by collecting tokens.

Then how do I get AOV tokens quickly? It is very easy to get AOV pulse tokens. When you sign up for AOV for the first time, you will immediately receive 3 credit tokens. If you log in on the 2nd day in a row, you will also receive 2 more heart rate marks. Also, if you want to get heart rate marks quickly, you need to be diligent in playing 5v5 matches because even if you lose you will still get heart rate marks. To be even faster, you must also actively play in the Quick Match and Ranked Match modes.

While 6 tokens can be exchanged, you receive 5000 credits, 10 tokens receive 10,000 pulses and 50 tokens receive 50,000 credits. However, it should be noted that if you want to exchange tokens, you must leave 1 token after the exchange. For example, if you want to exchange 50 tokens, you must have 51 tokens in order for there to be tokens left in your AOV account. Well, for those of you who already have tokens, here are simple steps on how to exchange AOV pulse tokens.

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Tutorial How to Exchange Garena AOV Credit Tokens (Arena of Valor)

1. The first step, please log into the AOV game first.

2. From the Home screen, select the Events icon, and then select the Messages menu.

3. An Exchange Token button is displayed on this news page, tap the button.

4. Next, you need to sign in with a Facebook or Garena account.

5. You will then be redirected to the token exchange page. Please select how many tokens you would like to exchange. The administrator exchanges 50 tokens.

6. Next, please enter your number in the column provided. Don’t forget to check the terms and conditions, then tap the Exchange button.

7. Please wait for the process, if you are successful, you will receive a notification Congratulations! You have successfully redeemed your winnings. Then just wait until the credit has been received, AOV sends a maximum of 4×24 hours.

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How to exchange Garena AOV pulse tokens that the administrator can submit. Hopefully this will be useful and can add to your knowledge. Much luck!

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