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Try it now! Latest 515 ML event error

Mobile Legends is again hosting the 515th annual party event, this event is one of the most anticipated events every year. Because in this case we can receive diamond promos with which you can buy various items available in the shop.

Now, in order to receive this diamond promo, we are asked to complete a quest in which we have to collect as many points as possible. The more points you have, the bigger the diamond promo we can get.

For those of you who want to finish first in this 515 event, you can try some of the 515 event bug code sets below.

Latest 515-ML Event Error Code

Try it now!  Latest 515 ML event error

Subtype # Party 1-210-

Subtype # 515-210-

Subtype # 555-210-

You can copy and paste the code above in the public chat menu in ml, then you can use autoclicker to spam this code, in fact this error only occurs when one of the players presses your chat. Since many players have tried this error, it is unlikely that anyone will press 515 on your chat event.

One more thing, Moonton only gives 5 chances to help players.

This is a collection of the latest 515 Party Mobile Legends bug event codes, maybe this bug has now been fixed by Moonton. I will update again soon if there is any new code that can be used for this 515 event. Hope it’s useful …

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