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Top up Diamond Mobile Legends using credit and credit cards

How to top up the purchase of Diamond Mobile Legend with credit and credit card – There are three types of currencies in Mobile Legends that can be used to purchase combat equipment in the shop, such as: Heroes, skins, fragments and other. The currency is Battle Points (BP), tickets and diamonds. However, if we can easily get battle points and tickets from rewards while fighting in the arena, then Diamond is premium currency that we only get through purchase, or it can be called top-up. Many gamers are confused about buying diamonds in Mobile Legends, so many of the gamers use third-party recharge services that are widely available on Facebook groups.

Therefore, on this occasion, the administrator will provide instructions on how to top up diamonds in Mobile Legend with credit so that you can top up yourself without using any services. In fact, there are several payment methods you can choose to buy diamonds in Mobile Legends, including credit and credit card discounts. Few providers already support Google Play payments for credit discounts, namely: Telekomsel, XL / Axis and Indosat. Well the admin will provide a tutorial on the two payment methods. Alright, here is a full guide on how to top up in Mobile Legends using credit and credit cards.

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#1. Top up Diamond Mobile Legends with credit

In this tutorial on purchasing with credit, the administrator practices using a Telekomsel card. Okay, here is the easy way.

1. Please provide a credit in advance, depending on how much you want to top up. If you have a top-up of Rp. 15,000, – then at least Rp. 20,000, –

2. Then go to Google Play and then select Account> Payment Method. Then please choose Telekomsel credit (prepaid & postpaid). If your number is not registered with Google Play or has never been used to purchase with credit on Google Play, Google Play will send an account verification SMS to the service provider.

3. After your account is registered, you can now log into Mobile Legends. Then please select how many diamonds you would like to fill in. In this tutorial, the admin tries to buy 50 diamonds for Rp. 15,000.

4. Then a notification will appear from Google Play, just choose Obtain.

5. Then Google Play will ask you to enter your Gmail account password.

6. Done, then your Mobile Legends diamond purchase was successful.

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# 2. How to top up the purchase of Diamond Mobile Legends with a credit card

Using a credit card as a payment method makes it easier and faster. All right, here is the tutorial.

1. Please register your credit card on Google Play first. So enter Google Play> Account> Payment Method.

2. If you are already registered, please log into Mobile Legends. Choose how much you want to buy diamonds. The administrator will try to buy only 50 diamonds, which is Rp. 15,000.

3. Then a popup appears and you can choose directly Obtain.

4. Done, then your Mobile Legends diamond purchase was successful.

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Well, it turns out that it is very easy to top up Mobile Legends. That’s the full tutorial How to Buy Diamonds in Mobile Legends Using Credit and Credit Cards. If something is still unclear in the above tutorial. You can ask the admin via the comments column below. Hopefully this tutorial is useful and can add to your knowledge. Much luck!.

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