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Title: Top 7 Mobile Legends Heroes Often Used By Young Gamers Today
link: Top 7 Mobile Legends Heroes that are widely used by today’s gamers

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Top 7 Mobile Legends Heroes Often Used By Young Gamers Today

Many heroes were released in Mobile Legends at this point. Among these heroes, there are some that are popular with Mobile Legends players. Although the hero is popular, he actually makes the young players hero. Among all the heroes in Mobile Legends, there are 7 heroes that are popular with young gamers. You can see who these heroes are directly in the list.


It is very clear that Alucard is the favorite hero of today’s young players. Many claim that this hero is pretty cool and deadly. Although in the Epic tier and above, this hero is pretty easy to beat. Many players who play this hero carelessly turn Alucard into a hero feeder.


There is also an easy-to-kill hero assassin, Karina. Many young players these days use this hero because it is easy to get killed. Just attack the enemy who is dying of blood and get kill. So easy to get kill, this hero gets the stamp “Hero Queen of Trash”.


This hero who is not afraid of death because his Ultimate makes Argus popular with young gamers. Not only that, the cool and scary style makes this hero very popular with kids game players. As long as you attack forward without fear and then use the ulti, it will be an easy target for the opponent after the ulti is used up.

Then there is another hero fighter, namely Zilong. Zilong contains free heroes for new players. Because of this, many young gamers like to play with this hero as Zilong has an ultimate that can run fast. Instead of attacking, the young players used Ultimate Zilong to escape enemy pursuit.


Lesley is a hero currently on the rise, from Animal Warrior to Mythical Lesley is the main hero of the sniper. Due to the popularity of this hero, young players also enjoy using this hero. Critical damage is great, and Ultimate can kill enemies from a great distance. This is why this hero is becoming popular with young gamers.


Lyla is the first hero for all Mobile Legends players. Because of this, Lyla became the most-played heroine at the master level and below. Boy players also love to use this hero because he has pathological damage and can kill his ultimate opponent remotely. Even though this hero is pretty easy to kill as he has no skill that can escape him.


Another Hero Marksman who is popular with child gamers, namely Irithel. At first glance, there is nothing interesting about this hero, but it turns out that Irithel sustained painful damage. With painful damage and can attack while walking, which makes this hero a favorite of kids’ gamers. Even so, many players make mistakes with this hero. This hero has to play the late game and be balanced with a suitable build.

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Hence the top 7 Hero Mobile Legends articles that are widely used by today’s boy gamers

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