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Title: Top 5 Most Popular Mobile Legends Players in Indonesia
Link: Top 5 most famous Mobile Legends players in Indonesia

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Top 5 Most Popular Mobile Legends Players in Indonesia

When it comes to gaming, of course, we definitely have our respective idols and Mobile Legends is no exception. There are now many names of Mobile Legends players well known in Indonesia, even one of them has been invited to private TV shows. Do you want to know who the famous player is. Here are the top 5 most famous Mobile Legends players in Indonesia.

Jess No. Limits

Jess No Limits is the account name used by someone named Justin. Jess No Limit is Top Global Season 6 that has a popularity that can even rival artists. It is clear because this year he can gain 1 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. Not only that, the most amazing thing is that Jess No Limit managed to win the Indonesia Choice Awards 5.0 with the category Digital persona of the year which is broadcast live by NET.

RRQ lemon

RRQ Lemon is the name of an account held by someone named Muhammad Ikhsan. Its popularity was achieved because Lemon managed to become Kagura’s Top Global. Many Mobile Legends players are amazed at the way RRQ Lemon plays, not only that, a plain and stiff face gets a lot of attention from netizens. Lemon is currently a member of the RRQ Squad (Req Regum Qeon). The most impressive accomplishment is that Lemon was included in the Digital category Personality of the year who competed with Jess No Limit.


Who doesn’t know Zxuan, he was the top global fanny last season. His ability to play fanny is undeniable. Crazy and sadistic is the right word for this player, I also saw the Zxuan gameplay when I was playing Fanny. His speed, accuracy, and reflexes are so great that it is almost impossible to practice. Zxuan has also been recognized by Top Global such as Jess No Limit and Oura. Zxuan’s identity also turns out to be a man, this was confirmed by Jess No Limit’s YouTube channel.


Daylen is a Mobile Legends player known for his accomplishments that led his team to MSC Qualifier Indonesia 2021. Daylen is the head of Squad Saints. But now Daylen was no longer the leader of the Saints team. Now he’s joined the Squad Evos team. A lot of bad news happened to Daylen too, such as an example of his feud with Top Global Season 5, namely Warpath. Today Daylen is better known as the Sultan because of the YouTube channel he lived.


Oura is a well known Mobile Legends player in Indonesia. Its popularity has increased since it managed to become the Top Global Season 7. So far he is also a member of the Evos team. He has participated in many competitions. Now he also has his own YouTube channel.

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