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Top 5 Mobile Legends Season 12 Fighters That You Should Try To Rank Up

Cecepkocep – Fighter is a role hero in Mobile Legends whose role in Season 12 is very important. In the current meta, this fighter’s role is an off-laner whose job is only to eliminate minions in top or bottom lane. If possible, that fighter can do a split push as well.

Most of the fighters in Season 12 act as off-laners whose only job is to eliminate minions in the upper or lower lanes. If possible, can make a push tower. His role as an off-laner will of course make it easier for them to farm more freely. Because they really have to be able to dominate in the late game.

In this article, Cecepkocep will now talk about the 5 best fighter heroes in Mobile Legends Season 12. Who are you? Let’s check out the review below.

1 # Chou

The first best fighter hero is Chou. Indeed, this hero is widely used by gamers, even at Legend Rank and above, and Mobile Legends tournaments. This hero is very tough indeed because he is very agile and very difficult to pick up as he has an immunity that makes him immune to all crowd control effects. Then he also has a sprint ability which makes it very easy to escape or attack the enemy.

Top 5 Mobile Legends Season 12 Fighters That You Should Try To Rank Up

One of the other benefits of Chou is the third ability, which can have a very far-throwing effect. This ability allows him to block the enemy’s movement. This skill does tremendous damage when Chou uses an attacking item such as Despair Blade. This skill is typically used to protect the team’s carry hero or to kidnap one of the enemy’s carry heroes.

However, mastering Chou’s heroes is not as easy as expected. Aside from the fact that all skills have a very short range, mastering both skills is also very difficult. To avoid the enemy’s CC ability we need to use it with the right timing, although this ability also provides a shield that can absorb enemy damage. Also read: 5 best tanks in Mobile Legends Season 12, suitable for the push rank up to Mytic

Chous advantages:

  • Very agile with skills 1 and 2,
  • Immune to crowd control skills with Skill2,
  • Hard to kill because it has a shield
  • have physical penetration,
  • Very good closet,
  • Flexible, can be used as a fighter, tank or hybrid.

Chou’s weaknesses:

  • Quite difficult to use,
  • Skill 2 needs the right timing,
  • Less effective for ganks.

2 # Leomord

Leomord or the Prince of Horses is used very often today, whether in the lower or upper ranks, even in Mobile Legends tournaments. Without a horse, this Leomord is very weak, but becomes very strong once he has mounted his horse. All Leomord skills have a slow effect, making it difficult for enemies to escape.

Top 5 Mobile Legends Season 12 Fighters That You Should Try To Rank Up

Leomord seemed to get a buff when riding his horse. His armor and magical dissolution will increase, making him a bit more barbaric. Especially when using other items of defense like Athena’s shield or Atique Cuirass. In addition, its speed of movement increases, which makes it manoeuvrable. Then the second ability in driving mode will also have a knockback effect on the enemy, so it can become a pesky crowd control.

And the most dangerous thing about Leomord is its passive ability where its attack does critical damage when the target’s blood is less than 30%. This is of course very annoying, because it must be annoying to have to fight him with full blood, especially since he has crowd control skills.Also read:5 Best Mage Mobile Legends Season 12, all are very OP to use

Advantages of Leomord:

  • Has a slow effect
  • great durability,
  • high speed of movement,
  • Very good off-laner,
  • Clear the lane quickly with Skill 1,
  • Hero is good for war.

Leomord’s weaknesses:

  • Depending on ability 3,
  • Skill 3 has a relatively long cooldown,
  • It’s easy to get hit.

3 # Lapu-Lapu

In the current meta, Lapu-Lapu is very dangerous after getting a buff some time ago. Now he has 80% damage reduction in single sword mode or after using his ultimate skill. In this way he becomes very sterile, especially when paired with the Wings of the Apocalypse Queen item and other defensive items. So don’t be surprised if Lapu-Lapu is difficult to kill in 1 sword mode.

Top 5 Mobile Legends Season 12 Fighters That You Should Try To Rank Up

In addition, the damage done by Lapu-Lapu is also very great, especially when using 1 sword. The damage from the Skill 3 sword mode is indeed huge, especially if you have stepped into the late phase of the game when almost all the items are ready. Especially when the team is in very good shape.

Another advantage of Lapu-lapu is that he has medium ranges with his first skill. This way he can poke enemies from a considerable distance. This skill can also clear minions very quickly. This ability can also make Lapu-Lapu a very good off-laner.

Advantages of Lapu-Lapu:

  • enormous durability,
  • Controlling Crowds (Skill 3)
  • Hero Off Laner is very good,
  • Hero war is very good,
  • Can clear the trail quickly.

Lapu-Lapu’s weaknesses:

  • Skill 3 is easy to evade,
  • strongly dependent on skill 3,
  • Skill 3 has a relatively long cooldown.

4 # Aldous

Although rarely used at the moment, heroes similar to Saitama in the One Punch Man anime are still considered. Aldous’ damage skill 1 is very large, especially when he has reached a very large stack. If the match has entered the late phase of the game, Skill 1’s damage is enough to kill the opposing shooter with a hit or two. Therefore, this hero is very dangerous once the game has entered the late stage of the game.

Top 5 Mobile Legends Season 12 Fighters That You Should Try To Rank Up

One of the other perks that Aldous has is the ability to open cards with his ultimate ability. This skill can detect the presence of enemies including the passive skills of Natalia and Hanzo’s real body when using her ultimate skill. This skill can also find out the blood of a dying enemy and will go to the goal. Enemies who do not understand Aldous will be careful when using Skill 3.

Advantages of Aldous:

  • The damage is huge
  • Great durability,
  • Have the ability to see.
  • Good executioner.

Aldou’s weaknesses:

  • Weak early game;
  • Easy to hit
  • Has no escape skills (other than the ultimate skill).

5 # Thamuz

Thamuz is currently used by most players, be it in the high tier or in mobile legends tournaments. The reason it is used a lot is because it has high burst damage and DPS. In addition, it also has a high HP regeneration ability. In that way, this hero is almost like Alucard.

Top 5 Mobile Legends Season 12 Fighters That You Should Try To Rank Up

Thamuz is also a very agile fighter thanks to his second skill. This ability can make him chase enemies and deal blast damage and can easily run away. In addition, he will have a movement speed of 30% with his first skill. With these two skills, Thamuz becomes a very agile hero.

Thamuz advantages:

  • Explosion damage and high DPS,
  • Has a great durability,
  • Agile;
  • Versatile heroes, ok fighters, tanks are good too,
  • Dont use.

Thamuz’s weaknesses:

  • Need the timing right
  • often the main target in team fights.

According to Cecepkocep, these are the 5 best fighters of the 12th season. Indeed, all battle heroes are good, it all comes back to you as a user. However, using the 5 heroes above will make it easier for you to win the game. Hopefully helpful and thank you.

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