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Top 1 Recommended Emblem Items Worldwide – The recommended build for the Sickest Minotaur 2021 with the strongest Emblem item for the current meta. After the renovation, the blood continues to regenerate!

Mobile Legends is still the most popular MOBA game in Southeast Asia, especially Indonesia, until 2021. Featuring the 5v5 teamfight genre, this game features intense action-action that is very difficult to leave.

In this game you can choose any role you want. If you have the soul of a leader, tanks are your best bet. If you are an initiator, Fighter and Magician is the best answer. If you’re an executor, assassins and snipers are the right choices. But if you want to stay behind, support is who you really are.

Finding Mabar friends is of course not difficult. Wherever you are, you can find people playing Mobile Legends games. It’s not difficult to find Mabar friends, just not a newbie, you can join mabar in any squad.

There is one important note, however. To be a pro, you shouldn’t be a burden on the team. You still have to master all of the roles available in Mobile Legends, namely tanks, fighters, assassins, mages, snipers and supporters.

Worst tank Minotaur build 2021

One of the strongest heroes in the Land of Down right now is the Minotaur. Minotaur himself is a tank hero who can fill two roles at the same time, namely support and tank. Minotaur is very fond of playing because of its strong defense and mobility.

Yes, all thanks to Moonton’s determination who finally reworked the Minotaur and improved some of its skills. In the early game, the Minotaur Tank can even be used to destroy the enemy’s blue buff with the regeneration and slo that it has. The second ability is very much feared by the opponent as it can be used to instantly regenerate and slow down.

Rarely banned since Mobile Legends first opened, this hero is very famous for his annoying skills and is played by pro gamers in Mobile Legends, especially after this latest Pach update. Even so, the Minotaur is very susceptible to death if it loses its ultimate, because after all, its ultimate is the most valuable ability in the Land of Dawn at the moment.

Robust boots

Robust boots

Mage is very popular with a lot of gamers, including Mimin herself, you know! Mages are known not only for serious damage, but also for their good crowd control skills. Sturdy boots are a great shoe against magicians. In addition to magical defense, these shoes can also reduce the crowd control effect by 30%.

Dominance ice

Dominance ice

The main function of this item, in addition to increasing HP, is of course to reduce the movement speed by 10% and the attack speed of the opponent by 30%. Very suitable for late game counter shooters.

Radiant armor

Radiant armor

This item works very well against continuous damage mages like Change and Zhask. The longer you are exposed to magical damage, the greater the magical defense you create. This item is really god for the current meta.

Queen’s Swing

Swings of the Queen

Items that can be labeled anti-assassin defense items are very worthwhile indeed. If your blood is below 40%, the damage taken is also reduced by 40%. Skill-dependent assassins will have a hard time killing you this way!



This item is really mandatory to counter opponents that have very large magical damage. In addition, it can also be used to increase shields and HP regeneration so you can survive in the middle of war.

Antique cuirass

Antique cuirass

The effect often used by this item is to counter the simple hyper attack of a very sick enemy. This item can reduce the enemy’s physical attack and cooldown in just three seconds.

The Sickest Minotaur Spell and Emblem 2021

Spells and emblems also have a huge impact on the gameplay you play. Especially during the early game as you gain bonus skills and power by using certain spells or emblems.

Good spells and emblems help the Minotaur’s mobility, especially in relation to agriculture and riots in the opponent’s jungle.

Minotaur spell

When talking about the Meta Minotaur Support Tank, the spell is appropriate Clean. With this spell, the Minotaur can easily escape from enemy ambushes. Remember that the Minotaur also has the ability to escape the enemy after being stunned.

Alternatively, you can flicker you know too! This spell is very suitable for the Minotaur in order not to escape the opponent, but to kidnap the opponent’s core hero who is in the back line. With the 2 skill combo he has, the Minotaur can kidnap and throw the core of the opponent to overthrow him with friends.

Minotaur emblem

There are actually two emblems that are suitable for the Minotaur as a hero mage in the center lane, namely the support emblem with combat effects Focus mark (in combination with Agility + Recovery) and a tank emblem with the fighting effect “Concussive Blast” (in combination with Vitality + Purity).

Minotaur Ability 2021

  • Passive Skill (Rage Mode): If the Minotaur manages to hit an opponent with either a simple attack or a skill, its rage will be filled. When the rage is fully charged, all cooldowns on Minotaur skills are cleared and Minotaur skills are increased.
  • First skill (Despair Stomp): Minotaur jumps to a predetermined location. Inflicts a 40% slowing effect on the enemy that lasts 2 seconds. When it hits the opponent, the anger is filled.
  • Second ability (motivational roar): The Minotaur motivates himself and his friends. Recovers and recovers 260 HP based on the HP lost in the last 2 seconds. The Minotaur’s basic attack is reinforced for 5 seconds.
  • Ultimate Ability (Minoan Fury): Minotaur switches to charging mode, where Minotaur can charge his anger. The longer it charges, the more anger it charges. When the anger is fully charged, it can hit the ground three times, creating a pop-up and slow-down effect at the same time.

Against the Minotaur 2021

The Minotaur Counter is actually not far from being a mage with crowd control effects and a shooter with DPS skills in the late game. If there is only one side hero, it doesn’t matter. However, if the opponent has a lot of side heroes, the Minotaur will of course be exhausted, especially in the late game when the opponent’s hard carry can do a lot of damage while the ultimate Minotaur is a Lure Hero. Very not to be recommended!

The last word

That’s the article on the sickest Minotaur build of 2021 that can be used as both a support and a tank in the center lane. In addition to being sick and strong, this hero is very fat especially when using recommended items used by professional gamers and world leading mobile legends.

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