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Tips to Be a Good Camp Mayor in LifeAfter Games - PlayGames-de | Games | Android | iOS | Pc

You can only set up a camp by paying a certain amount of gold bars to the NPC in Hope Town Hall 101. But to bring prosperity to the camp requires effort, solidarity and hard work from all camp members without exception.

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The title of mayor or major is given to the person who founded / created the camp. However, the role of a leader as a major in this case can be described as quite difficult, where it is their responsibility to motivate all members so that they can work together to achieve a goal and make the camp grow and prosper.

Tips to be a good camp major in LifeAfter Game
Tips to be a good camp major in LifeAfter Game

A camp major in the LifeAfter game

In the LifeAfter game, it is a camp mayor’s duty and obligation to open existing camp features, such as Trading city, Territories, Warehouse security and many other tasks.

Within 7 days the camp is usually attacked by zombies, the main task besides defense is to warn the camp members so that they can prepare for attacks by providing enough bullets, food and medicine.

It’s lucky when you have members who are always online and active and compact, what if not? Sorry for the major, hehe. Learn how to become a good major in LifeAfter Game here.

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For those who are already members of the camp, be sure to research resources carefully, this will help your camp develop quickly. The camp mechanism in the LifeAfter game is very unique. If a member has just sent a resource home (in the mail) it is subject to a number of fees or taxes, the rate of tax being set by the major or warehouse officer. And the taxes collected are used to finance the running costs of the camp.

If the camp pays its running costs daily, its prosperity will rise / rise. Go to the bank in the town hall warehouse and open the safe in the bank. There are three options; Warehouse tax, resources, and Selling.

Major or Official can view the total cost of ownership of the camp and the tax rate in the Tap Camp Tax. This contains; Wood, food, hemp and Stones. When a member contributes one of these resources, the camp collects taxes by using a number of these resources, the amount of which is determined by the tax rate set by the major.

Main tax warehouse tax

By default, the game sets the tax collection amount at 10% for all resources. The main task in this case is to raise or lower the tax rate for its camp members.

So it is clear that the activity of the camp members in the search for natural resources like wood, stone, hemp, etc. will be very helpful to finance the running costs of the camp. Be a hardworking member so the camp can grow quickly.

As a major, you can also appoint camp members to be executive officers so they can help and share assignments. With the major’s approval, warehouse officials can also raise or lower warehouse taxes.

Three storage periods – LifeAfter

Similarly, upgrading the mansion and upgrading the storage period can unlock new features that all camp members can enjoy. The camp’s maximum membership limit also increases if you do this (Upgrade camp period), and most importantly, your warehouse can add more territory. Here are four stages you will go through as you upgrade the camp.

  • Primitive period
  • wild
  • Agrarian
  • steam

How to update the camp period

If you need to meet requirements while upgrading your mansion, such as: What the major must meet as a condition to open the camp, namely; Prosperity through stocks, management points and also resources.

If the three conditions mentioned above are met, please go to the town hall in the data center -> Period info -> Upgrade. Well there you can see and check the level of wealth camp, management points and resources. When you hit the upgrade button you will see the terms / materials required by the vault.

Tips to increase the prosperity level of the camp – Lifeafter

There are 7 ways to increase the camp’s wealth.

  1. Pay warehouse running costs – this is what you get when warehouse members return home with resources in the form of wood, stone, etc., they are subject to the tax, and the tax is used for warehouse running costs.
  2. Complete Patrol Quests – Pick up the quests on the board in the town hall warehouse.
  3. Camp-level property is also retained when you level up (upgrade camp period)
  4. Do research on camp technology
  5. Completing the camp territory quest, how to enter the main hall and talk to the NPC named Edward will start development and then complete the existing territory quest.
  6. Build a private building
  7. Buying items from NPCs in Cam increases the wealth of the point store.

How do I get management points?

There is no other way than completing patrol quests and also paying the daily running costs on a regular basis.

Management score:

  • Secure: 95-100
  • normal: 60-94
  • High risk: 0-59

Sufficient materials or resources

A major has to coordinate with the superiors and camp members regarding the resource store in the vault, as upgrading the store level requires sufficient natural resources. Major can view the resources needed to upgrade by going to the menu in the vault menu. Town hall -> Manage warehouse -> Tax info -> Change target -> Select resource.

These are some tips to help you become a good Major, and also how / requirements to upgrade the Camp Period in the LifeAfter game. Hopefully the information that is always posted on the PlayGames ID blog can be useful to you. thanks

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