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Tips & instructions for the production of drones, drone hangars, modules LifeAfter

Tips & instructions for the production of drones, drone hangars, modules LifeAfter

LifeAfter Drone, drone hangar, modules and other details

Drones are one of the most powerful pieces of equipment that allows you to defeat enemies from a certain distance. You can use it on a range of zombies in the Level 30 Sandcastle area, bald guards guarding special chests, mercenary groups, Miska zombies, or in Stronghold Battles.

Tips on the location of the autumn forest chest cave map

The damage done by the LifeAfter drone really helps you. However, building a drone is not as easy as one might think. You need to use drones as best you can because drones have no robustness that can be repaired. If the drone has expired, you can no longer use it, i.e. you have to make a new one
StickAir will provide some information about Drone LifeAfter

• Materials Drone LifeAfter

You need 5 modules to build a drone, namely; Framewrok, Engine, Navigator, Energy Core and Skill Chip.

Drone engine

The statistics of the drone engine determine both the speed and the attack power.

Drone Energy Core

This module is a power source for your drone and also affects the HP of your drone. You are really going to need this to repair and restore HP from your drone.


This module is part of the armor, attack power and input power.

Basic navigator

This module is part of armor, altitude and flight distance.

Drone chip

This module is part of the input power and attack type.

• Craft materials

You can build all of the drone modules from the equipment workstation when you reach Manor Level 6.

Energy core

To produce an energy core, you need 2x foil fabric, 5x hard aluminum alloy, 6x plastic, 12x grease, 5x nails.

Base engine

To make the basic motor you need 2x polyer coating, 5x hard aluminum alloy, 6x plastic, 12x sturdy leather, 5x nails.

Basic structure

To create the basic framework, you need 2x film fabric, 5x nylon cloth, 6x hexagonal nails, kenaf sheet, glue.

Basic navigator

To make Basic Navigator, you need 2x foil fabric, 5x nylon cloth, 6x hexagonal nails, 25x cracked tough, 5x glue.

Basic drone chip

To make the basic drone chip you need 2x polymer coating, 12x kyanite, 5x hard aluminum ore, 12x malachite, 5x nail.

• Assemble all modules for a drone

When you have created all the modules from the drone, you need to go to Gear Workstation> Equip Drone> Click the (+) Button> Assemble Corresponding Module.

When you’re done assembling, you’ll see the crafting menu and an entitlement option.

• How to use the drone

After clicking on the “Claim” option, you can open your inventory bag> Click on Drone> Place in Hangar. Next, click the drone hangar button on the right side of your screen under your minimap. There you will see your drone in 1 of 6 locations. You have a limit to put your 2 drones in a warm drone, but you will be charged gold bars to open additional slots.

When you click the drone in the drone hangar screen, there will be 3 buttons displayed under the drone hangar screen, namely; View, put back, and share details.
You can also check hangar power drones and ammunition hangar drones at the bottom left. Click the (+) Button and use resources to recover energy as well as ammunition.

View Details
With this button you can check the horsepower, energy and also the service life of the module.

Hand back
This button puts your drone back in your pocket.

If you are ready to use your drone, click this button. The drone will automatically target the enemy for you.

• How to update or expand modules

Here you can add statistics to the modules by changing formulas with the R&D facility. Formula Research Station> Use> Formula Modification> Click the (+) button> Formula> Select> Modify.

To modify the drone formula, you need the Enchant Item module.

• How to get the enchantment module

In this April Fool’s joke event, you will receive 1 enchantment module for 50 training badges and 1 chip for 100 training badges.

Another option is that you can exchange FED credit.

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