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Tips for the storage locations of Apex Legends

Tips for the storage locations of Apex Legends

In the Apex Legends Map there are several locations with different loot drops.

In the game Apex legends There is 1 map called King’s Canyon. This map is currently the only map in Apex Legends. Like other Battle Royale games, Kings Canyon has loot items such as weapons, armor, and attachments that are made available to players.

Each location has loot items with different levels that will help you in this game. Where is the recommended location? StickAir will discuss here together. Here are our recommended locations:


Repulsor is a place with lots of tall buildings and an underground tunnel with pretty good loot. In addition to the loot contained in this tunnel, it can be used as an escape route from the ambush of the opposing team. This tunnel connects you to the Hydro Dam site.


This location is in the upper right corner of the King’s Canyon map. This place is a little relaxed at the beginning of the game. While the prey is relaxed in this area, it isn’t bad either. After you finish collecting loot you can go straight to the middle area or visit the small island to the north with 2 ziplines available. There are pretty good loot items on this island too.


Artillery is a very popular area, especially at the beginning of the game. The location is in the north, with a very spacious location and high quality loot. There is a zipline on one of the roofs of the building that can be used to move locations.


The bunker is right on a cliff with a river under it. There are also good loot items in this area. This area is also where you can look for opposing teams that may be below this area.

Air base

This location is on the west coast of the King’s Canyon map. This area doesn’t always contain high quality loot, but this area is separated from the dam by a large wall and closed to outside enemies.
There are several areas here that have chests, and ships in this area can sometimes get good things to pick up.


The market is also included in the players’ favorite places at the start of the game category. This area is very large and there are high quality loot items which are one of the most popular factors in this area. Many players choose this location as their first dive point. You can also find rare items or legendary items at this market location. But your luck will also be noticed.

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Skull city

This location is also classified as a worthy spot as a first dive point as the area is large and there are lots of loot items which are pretty good at the start of the game. This place is in the center, so it is easier for you to travel to other places nearby, e.g. B. Thunderdome, Airbase, Water Treatment and also the market.

Slum lakes

Slum Lakes is southwest of Map King’s Canyon. This place also contains many houses – houses close together that you can make a target for loot. However, the goods in this area fall in the middle category, but the area has some advantages. You can be protected from attacks by opponents who are outside while looting indoors, and the distance from house 1 to another house is very small, which makes it easier for you to move.

Are there any of your favorite spots that aren’t on our list? Try mentioning it in this comment to check out our article.

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