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Title: Tips for Pro Player Headshot while playing Sniper PUBG Mobile
Link: Tips for Pro Player Headshot while playing Sniper PUBG Mobile

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Tips for Pro Player Headshot while playing Sniper PUBG Mobile

In recent years, the online game PUBG Mobile has reached the peak of its popularity. This game has a maximum number of 100 participants and in order to achieve victory, these participants are allowed to form alliances or form teams. Of course, when leading a team, each participant has his or her own role. One of the positions that is often key to winning a chicken dinner is sniper.

Sniper is a sniper who performs the action from a distance. In order to fill this position, participants are therefore expected to have professional skills and experience in the field of sniper headshot players.

Would you like to be a sniper in PUBG Mobile even though you have no experience? For this reason, we have provided headshot tips for professionals on playing snipers on PUBG Mobile especially for you.

Headshot tips while playing Sniper PUBG Mobile

Choosing a sniper type

The first step that you need to take in order to become a reliable sniper in the PUBG Mobile game is to determine the type of sniper rifle to use. Currently, PUBG Mobile has two types of sniper rifles, namely repeater sniper rifles and DMR sniper rifles.

Both sniper rifles have their advantages and disadvantages. Because Bolt Action sniper rifle has a great deal of damage or a great destructive power, but with a low shot intensity, since it can only shoot occasionally.

While the DMR sniper rifle is a combined weapon between the sniper rifle and the assault rifle, it is more flexible and faster to use. However, this weapon does little damage with low accuracy compared to the Bolt Action sniper rifle.

To become a reliable sniper on the team, you need to choose a weapon that suits your skills and the conditions you will face.

Use the correct area

The second tip to becoming a siper headshot gamer in PUBG Mobile is still related to the sniper type of using an appropriate scope. As we know, the Bolt Action sniper rifle is suitable for long-range combat because of its high accuracy. This requires the Bolt Action Sniper Rifle game to use a large rifle scope such as Scope 4x, Scope 6x, and Scope 8x.

The DMR sniper rifle, which is more suitable for close and medium-range combat, can use a relatively smaller telescopic sight. The riflescopes suitable for DMR sniper rifles are RDS, Holo, Scope 2x, Scope 3x and Scope 3x.

Another pro tip for becoming a reliable sniper when using a riflescope is to use the slider to reduce the magnification when using a 6x and 8x rifle scope. If you have a 6x riflescope, you can use the zoom slider to reduce the size to 3x.

Looking for a strategic location

As we know, a sniper is a sniper whose job it is to shoot enemies from a distance. Aside from the problem of distance, the position that determines the sniper’s success is his position, which must be strategic. For this you need to find a place far from physical and visual contact with the enemy, the most suitable place is altitude.

In addition to location issues, you also need to use inconspicuous costumes so that you can blend in with the surroundings and not attract your opponent’s attention.

Learn bullet drop

Another tip that is no less important to becoming a reliable professional sniper in the PUBG Mobile game is to investigate bullet release and range issues. You need to know that every gun in PUBG has a bullet drop. Bullet release is a condition where the bullet hits the lower part of the shot you are shooting, so the results of the shot and the target’s starting position can sometimes make a significant difference.

The distance also has a big impact on the successful use of headshots in PUBG. When shooting at close range, make sure the shot is aligned with the target you want to shoot. In the meantime, move the long-range target up or down depending on the opponent’s condition to overcome the bullet drop.

Good at reading situations

The next pro tip to become a reliable sniper in PUBG Mobile is to read situations and conditions well. Even though you’re a sniper, you don’t just have to have guns. To overcome resistance at close range and experience physical contact, the headshot is of course not the most suitable weapon. Hence, a sniper must have different reserves of weapons when facing physical enemies.

Aim at the chest or head

The final tip to becoming a reliable headshot sniper is to aim the enemy straight in the head or chest. As the name suggests, the headshot is killing your opponent by shooting them right in the head. But of course an opponent has such active movement that it is very difficult to aim for the head. Hence, the chest is the part that becomes an alternative solution to kill the opponent with a headshot.

Hence a full review of the Headshot Pro Player Tips if you become a sniper in the PUBG Mobile game. Hope this article is useful, thank you.

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