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Tips for playing Meta Tank Jungler Ala Aura Fire Mobile Legends

Recently, MPL ID was surprised by the appearance of the AURA FIRE player, namely High, who was using a jungler tank. Nor is this the first time the AURA FIRE team used a jungler tank in MPL last season.

Message from AURA High “Don’t follow it, you really have to practice it too, let’s try it out in scrim first, discuss it with friends, if it’s just a random choice, it’s a shame for the solo rank.”

The appearance of the Aura-Feuer-Team is now tidier and more compact compared to the previous season. If you want to mimic the meta created by Aura Fire in ranked mode, here are some things to keep in mind:

1. You have to play party

If you are playing a party your communication will be good so that your togetherness is built in the game.

2. Make sure your gold trail picks a hero with great damage

Basically, hypertanks are only there for initiators and lord contests, so that your body does not die so easily, you still have to have a carry hero who can cause great damage to the enemy.

To use this meta, keep the following in mind:

Imitating this meta is quite risky for you as it has many shortcomings which are as follows:

1. Lack of early game damage

2. If your next lane and gold trail lose, the game becomes difficult

3. If your setup is bad, your war will fall apart

4. Old jungle

5. Easy to counter

There are a lot of things to look out for if you want to imitate the AURA FIRE meta team, not all tanks can also be hyper, only tanks that have high mobility that you can use don’t just try it out , especially when you play alone.

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