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Title: Tips for a crowded Hago chat room
Link: Tips to keep the Hago chat room crowded

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Tips for a crowded Hago chat room

Tips for a crowded Hago chat room

The HAGO application is an application in which there are many games or mini-games that we can play in online multiplayer, besides playing we can also enjoy the social features of the Hago game, namely the chat function and the distribution of Emoticons to opponents during game game. One of the newest social features from Hago that is more popular with girls and boys, which is the feature Chat roomOf course you already enjoy it? If this function does not exist, you can download the latest version of the Hago application in the Google Playstore for Android devices or in the App Store for Apple iOS devices.

After the previous article where we talked about how to create a chat room in the Hago game, this time we are going to discuss tips to make the Hago chat room crowded, also known as many other users attending.

Tired of entering the chat room you created yourself because it is quiet?

Room or home The chat room that we create in the Hago application can accommodate as many members as possible, but the chat room has something very special, namely space for 8 members with 1 host or the owner of the house and 7 members, the hosts selected so that the chat room feels crowded when all 8 seats can be occupied.

Follow the tips the admin gives below:

1. Provide profile photo

Providing a profile photo in the Hago application is very important for our account identity so that other users do not hesitate to know who we are. In addition, our goal in the Hago application is not only to play, but also to find friendship with other Hago users. The conversation about using photos is very important. So use the best photos that match your identity if you can edit them as well and attractively as possible so that the girl’s appearance is still beautiful and the boy is still good-looking.

2. Selection of the topic name and the room name

Tips for a crowded Hago chat room

It is very important to choose a room theme that is tailored to the name of the room we are going to use, for example if we choose a vocal theme we can name the room with the name of the band like Friends of. enter Noah, or if we choose the topic Chat, we can name the room with the name Confession. The goal is for guests to understand the purpose of the chat room we have created. If you have already chosen a theme name and a room name with a careless name, you can edit it again by tapping Pen icon in the chat room.

    3. Invite friends

    At the beginning of the chat room it must be quiet, without guests, do not be afraid to invite friends to join the chat room we created. Plus symbol in the chat room or on the seat and select Invite guests.

    4. Always on

    Tips for a crowded Hago chat room

    There is a menu in the chat room function Fast joining This is a random menu or guests who want to come into the chat room randomly. Who knows, there are many guests who feel at home in their room. So often when you don’t want guests staying, you’ll have to be active and don’t latch or lock the seats so guests can occupy the seat immediately.

    5. Don’t use conditions

    The administrator’s experience, when it is your first time trying to enter the chat room, there is a host who provides conditions, if you want to get a seat, you have to send a bunch of diamonds or diamonds, and eventually many come and go Guests immediately, as well as the admin, simply pull it out.

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    These are the article tips to keep the Hago chat room crowded

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