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Title: Tips, builds, and guides for playing Claude Mobile Legends
Link: Tips, Build, and Guide for Playing Claude Mobile Legends

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Tips, builds, and guides for playing Claude Mobile Legends

Tips, builds, and guides for playing Claude Mobile Legends

Backstory Claude

By the time you visit the tavern, you’ve probably heard a lot from Claude. Its story is one of the favorite subjects of fraudulent travelers – one of the most famous legends in the Land of Dawn. Rumor has it that this human teenager has a special talent for theft. For Claude, theft is an art, not a crime. In fact, Claude often sent notifications to his victims to let them know when he was about to commit a crime. To everyone’s confusion, Claude has always succeeded in obtaining the targeted objects, regardless of how powerful or willing their rightful owners are. Whether the destination was the heavily guarded treasury of the king, a magical library protected by powerful spells, or a dark fortress full of the undead, nothing could stop Claude from taking what he wanted. This young “King of Thieves” is said to have a mysterious accomplice. Some say his partner is a beautiful girl, others say it is his twin sister. Most people, however, believe the version of the story where Claude’s partner is a witch who practices black magic – this version quickly gained support after one of Claude’s victims remembered hearing a strange laugh. Recently, Claude is supposed to receive the latest research results from the renowned mechanical specialist Dr. The captain of the guard, Bruno, learns of Claude’s signature notification and installs surveillance devices throughout the Antoinerei to catch him. As soon as Claude enters the city, he is captured by the city guards and placed in an inescapable prison that uses some of the best technology. Just when everyone thought this was the end of the Thief King’s reign, Claude’s mysterious partner helped Claude escape from prison. Not only that, they did it too, Dr. Rooney from the lab, as promised on Claude’s resignation. When Claude’s victory leaves the Antonerei, he sees that Dr. Rooney had a small note: “I hope you will make the most of this device. If you have any suggestions for improvement, write to me! – Rooney “.

excess and defect Claude


• High base attack thanks to passive
• Get Savage easily thanks to its Ultimate
• Very agile thanks to Skill 2

• Excellent early game


• The skill has a short range
• Weak early on

• Ultimate can be stopped if hit by CC

Quotes Claude

“Hey! Get out of here! I’ve already given your share, little guy?”

“There is a crazy rumor that my partner is a beautiful girl.”

“Huh, living free is one of the basic principles of life.”

“Let me introduce you to my partner Dexter.”

“I’m a thief? No, no, no, I’m just borrowing this.”

ShhhWhy don’t we steal the enemy base next?

“* yawn * I’ve had enough of farming, let go and fight a few enemies”

“Dexter, are you going to be a fat buddy?”

“Show me the money!”

“Monkey! Go!”

– “Money and beauty! “

“Let’s start with this!”

Claude’s skills

Fight Side by Side – Passive

Dexter will attack with Claude. Inflicts 20% of Claude’s damage to enemies hit by Claude’s basic attacks. (Dexter also gets a bonus effect from Claude’s regular attacks)

Art of theft – 1st skill

Claude steals 20% movement speed and 10% attack speed from enemies in a fan-shaped target area and deals 160 (+ 40% physical attack) physical damage. Claude gains additional movement and attack speed for 6 seconds, the amount of which depends on the number of enemies hit. This bonus is double when it hits enemy heroes.

Battle Mirror Image – 2nd Skill

Claude uses tools from Dr. Rooney to spawn a duplicate of Dexter in the specified location. This Dexter duplicate automatically attacks surrounding enemies for 5 seconds, dealing 100% of Dexter’s physical damage. Claude can use this skill again to swap places with the duplicate.

Flaming Duet – Ultimate

Claude and Dexter attack repeatedly, inflicting consecutive damage to all enemies around them for 3 seconds. Each hit deals 80 (+ 10% physical attack) physical damage to the enemy hit. This damage is considered normal attack damage and triggers the effects of Claude’s normal attacks. In addition, Claude receives a shield of 20 (+ 10% physical attack) points. The attack speed bonus increases the number of hits from this skill. Enemy vassals take 400% damage from this skill.

Emblem set

Combat spells

recommendation Build Claude

Tips Played Claude
1. Like most other shooters, Claude only excels in the late game. In the early game, try to farm and clear only the lane. Don’t get killed early in the game too often.
2. Always use Skill 1 often, as this skill is used to increase attack and movement speed. Try to hit lots of targets for the added bonus to go up.
3. Skill 2 Claude is almost the same as Harley, which you can use to escape and attack. Also keep in mind that Claude’s 2nd skill can also help attack close targets so make good use of this skill.
4th Ultimate Claude can be called very brutal as this ability can hit all enemies around him. But be careful, this skill can be stopped if Claude is hit by CC.
5. If you go to war, wait a while before using Ultimate. When the opponent has used their ultimate, use ultimate around the opponent. It should be noted that before using Ultimate, Skill 2 is used first so that Claude can escape easily.
6th Ultimate is better when used on both the opponent’s hero and the minion. This is said to do an additional 400% damage to minions. Thus the great damage increases Claude’s life theft.

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