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Tips and tricks to quickly win the Mobile Legends Match

Android31 – Mobile Legends has experienced a META change, this is due to an update NEXT project by Moonton. Although there have been changes to META, there are still many players using META Hyper Carry as a strategy to quickly win Mobile Legends games.

As we all know, the hyper-carry strategy is not easy to implement as there are many things to consider in order for this strategy to run smoothly.

This time Android31 provides 5 tips and tricks so that the hyper-carry strategy works well and smoothly.

1. Choose the right emblem and spell

The first thing you can do is choose the right emblem and spell. Choose the Assassin Emblem and use the Bounty Hunter talent to earn lots of gold and kill points.

Choose retribution for the spell itself so that you can use jungle items. This item will help you gain a lot of experience in killing jungle monsters. This way the hero will rise quickly.

2. In the early game, focus on farming

As a user of a hyper-carry strategy, you must farm. Kill all jungle monsters and take the crabs and litho hikers that are there. From the early to mid-game, the hyper-carry task is to focus on farming to level up.

When you get to level 4 and have the ultimate ability and have the first item, the farming task is complete and please go to enemy roaming and ganking.

3. Set goals

This third tip is a very crucial and important tip. A hyper carry is required to take a target like Turtle as there are gold and exp big enough for your team.

This way, your team wins from the enemy in terms of levels and items that you can use against the opponent’s hero.

4. Roam as often as possible

As I said in tip number 2, after obtaining the ultimate item and skill, you should roam and gank on the enemy as roaming involves tasks for hyper-carry.

5. Don’t die early in the game

Yes, this can be tricky, but make sure you don’t get killed in the early game. Because if you get killed, you lose a few seconds and can use this time to take targets or farm.

The last word

These are tips and tricks for playing as a hyper-carry to win Mobile Legends matches quickly. If you have any more tips and tricks, let us know in the comments section.

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