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Tips and tricks for playing with Bangalore Apex Legends

Bangalore Legend in Apex Legends is contained in the player’s favorite legend character.

Bangalore or by another name Professional Soldier is a legendary character in Apex Legends who is considered to be very useful tactical skill.

StickAir gives a few tips on this legend.


Bangalore has an offensive combination that is very useful on the battlefield. Where does the passive ability Double Time come from, which can increase the character’s movement speed when shot at by the enemy. And don’t forget about the tactical ability, namely the smoke grenade, which can protect him from the reach of the enemy. His ultimate attack ability is Rolling Thunder, which has Bongalore dropping a carpet full of bombs out of the air, and that ability is AOE that hits a very large area.

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Passive ability: double the time

As discussed in this recap, this ability gives this legend movement speed abilities when caught by enemies. This ability helps when being shot at and he runs to a place to take cover, or can be useful in quelling the enemy’s position more quickly.

If you are able to control and master this skill, you can effectively go in and out of combat and damage the opponent’s pattern of play.

Tactical ability: smoke grenade

As discussed in this summary, this ability is capable of protecting itself from the reach of the enemy. This skill is categorized as the most useful skill of Bangalore. He will fire a smoke grenade that instantly obscures the enemy’s view in a sufficiently large area. This smoke grenade lasts for 15 seconds and this time can allow you to escape or flee the enemy or take down your enemy.

You need to master this skill in order to optimize your game on the battlefield.

Ultimate ability: rolling thunder

As discussed in this summary, this ability drops a bomb in an area you are targeting. Not only does this bomb do fairly painful damage, but it also spreads over a fairly large area. This bomb will explode in a short time if it hits the ground.

This ability is able to suppress the opponent’s position to make 2 decisions, escape from the bomb area or stay in that position.

This skill also has very minor weakness in that it takes a long time to explode, giving the enemy little chance to evade.

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• Smoke grenade is the key to your game

Its tactical skills are very useful in your game, Smoke Grenade can help you cover all your actions with a not too long coldown. Bangalore can use this skill in many situations, such as: B. turning on friends, hiding and also being able to outsmart opponents by throwing smoke grenades at a place where the enemy is guarded.

• Enemies to watch out for

Smoke Grenade is the key to the game, but it has a very big weakness. Bloodhound is one of the legends to watch out for in Bangalore. Bloddhound has one ability, the Beast of the Hunt, which can see in any situation. Throwing a smoke grenade will obstruct the enemy’s vision and will stop you in the smoke for a moment. But Bangalore is able to use their skills to see so they know where you are and can kill you in the process.

• Attack enemies in the house with Ultimate Ability

In the game Apex Legends there will be many buildings that can be used as hiding places. When you see an enemy hiding in a house with a perforated roof. Your Rolling Thunder Ultimate Skill is ready for you to attack around the house. Missiles falling from Rolling Donner can enter space, but with a hole in the roof.

You can attack enemies from afar without interacting. This is a very powerful way to remotely kill enemies and get into a situation.

• Do not rely on Smoke in wartime

Smoke is a very understandable visual marker. Most people already know the trick, when the enemy is in the smoke, of running outside and waiting for whoever is in the smoke to be shot.

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