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Tips and tricks for playing with Legend Lifeline Apex Legends

Tips and tricks for playing with Bangalore Apex Legends

Legend Lifeline in Apex Legends is a character that is needed on a team.

Lifeline, or by another name Combat Medic, is a legendary character in Apex Legends who has support tactics for his team members.

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For those of you Apex Legends players who prefer to play with the support role of the Lifeline class, this is perfect for the way you play. Lifeline can be the key to winning on a team. His skills are useful in assisting all team members and can even speed up the amount of time to revive his teammates. The most important and useful thing about Lifeline is that he can put together a maintenance package where the package can include armor and defense tools that will be very useful for his team.

Passive Skill: Combat Medic

This ability can reduce the duration of the recovery time by 25% or recover faster.

In addition, a drone protects the lifeline from enemy attacks during healing or resuscitation. With no worries or interference, Lifeline is always able to revive its teammates in need of their help.

Tactical Ability: DOC Heal Drone

This ability makes Lifeline able to emit a drone that HP Lifeline and its teammates can heal or restore when standing near the drone area.

With a note that this drone only lasts for 20 seconds and can restore 5 HP per second.

This ability is very useful when you are hiding and all teams are dying. Within 20 seconds, your HP has recovered by 100 and is ready to re-enter the battlefield.

Ultimate Ability: Nursing Package

This ability is most needed by everyone on the team, even Lifeline herself. This ability reduces a drop of air that contains very useful items. Items included in the airdrop include defense items, armor, healing items, and attachments.

This ability is needed by the user to remove it as soon as possible. Because that will be very good if you get the item you want faster.

There is an indication of this ability. Whereby this ability requires a loading time of 360 seconds and a landing time of 15 seconds.


If you are someone who can master the game as a lifeline you will be very helpful on your team. The game on your team will be long, where in the middle of the battle you can continuously heal your team with the ability of your drone with the right and right timing. As a lifeline, you are not aiming for kill or anything like that. As a lifeline, you play as the support that is the soul of a lifeline of all the skills it has.

Lifeline’s ability to reduce RNG on the battlefield makes it a savior in critical times.

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Tips & Tricks Playing as a lifeline

• Positioned on the back

Lifeline’s job is to act as a support that keeps teammates alive and resuscitates teammates when they are knocked down. Lifeline must be positioned in the backline, where the last member to enter the arena. When team members begin to fall, Lifeline needs to be vigilant to resuscitate themselves and provide healing assistance.

Use a convenient weapon in your main weapon and have 1 slot for a ranged weapon like a G7 Scout or maybe a Triple Threat to keep your team on guard.

• Don’t be afraid to ask the team about the ultimate accelerator

Ultimate Ability Lifeline can reduce RNG elements in the Apex Legend game. This ability is very useful when it can be used faster. When you are playing with your friends, it doesn’t bother you to ask about all the Ultimate Accelerants your friends are getting.

But this is also very common, some gamers already understand this condition by using the ping system to request an acceleration. The accelerator you have can drop off your care package as soon as possible to get the good stuff for you and your friends ready early.

• Care package function

Ultimate Ability Lifeline has many features in this game. Don’t just offer your team support items like defense items, armor, healing items, and attachments. This ability also allows you to trap enemies by lowering drops of air to a predetermined area. This gives your team opportunities that sniper rifles can use to shoot their enemies.

You will get more items in this state as your team will be able to kill enemies trapped in this situation. But you need to be prepared when using this method. Because if you fail to kill the enemy, you will lose your drop of water. But if you succeed, you will likely get better items from the fall of the enemy you killed.

• It is necessary to be aware of the situation when helping the team

As a lifeline, you will be tasked with helping your team. Your passive ability really helps you turn on your friends. But you have to master the situation when your team needs your help and there is your enemy. You need to be able to predict the situation and choose whether to help the enemy first or to attack them.

Every situation that is taken becomes the key to your victory. When you heal / wake up your friend while in knock-down status, it is a point against the enemy to be ready to shoot you while waiting for his team to arrive.

Lifeline is required to be the last member to die, so you need to read every move and state and hide yourself. Your distance from your fellow players should not be too great, so that it is easier for you to help your friends.

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