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This is what the Mobile Legends 2021 from Hero and Skin Revamp look like

This is what the Mobile Legends 2021 from Hero and Skin Revamp look like

After a lot of changes, it seems Moonton is finally ready to release the latest revamped heroes and skins, which will be released in the latest patch in September 2021.

There are four heroes that have been revamped in terms of both the skill display and the skin. They are Hayabusa, Kagura, Odette and Lancelot.

And for everyone who is curious what the revised heroes and skins will look like, SPIN Esports is making the video available here right away.

We’ll go over the details of the heroes and skins redesigned by Mobile Legends one by one.

Lancelot revision

Lancelot revision ML
Source: YT Ace Unyill

It looks more masculine and not as extravagant when it was first released. In fact, that’s the purpose of this makeover, and it looks like it’s not just a regular skin, but changes have been made to Lancelots Epic Limited, Royal Matador.

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It appears it hasn’t been changed or redesigned from the Zodiac skin to the latest Lancelot skin.

Revise Hayabusa

Hayabusa Revamp ML
Source: YT Ace Unyill

The difference is clearly visible, the normal skin (Haya Oren) is also more masculine and cooler, the most noticeable change except without skin is the Elite Hayabusa – Futrue Enforcer Skin, which looks completely different.

But in fact, among the many makeover heroes, Hayabusa is a very different look than before. For others, there may be changes, but they are not too significant.

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Kagura. revise

Kagura revision ML
Source: YT Ace Unyill

Quite changed, but not like Hayabusa where is the most noticeable face of Kagura that looks very changed. And that goes for his normal and special skins.

The look is so charming and makes Kagura look even more beautiful. And of course, you may have seen previous leaks where Kagura’s face looks scary. But it doesn’t look like that anymore.

Revise Odette

Odette Revamp ML
Source: YT Ace Unyill

The look hasn’t changed much, just more HD and the changes also appear on multiple skins such as Special Skin – Butterfly Goddess, Epic Limited Skin – Mermaid Princess and Normal Skin – Black Swan.

So, of the four heroes that have been reworked, which one do you think looks good?

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