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This is the Vale Item Build suitable for Burst Damage

Vale is a magical hero with the types Burst Damage and Crowd Control. Lately, Vale has been widely used as a midline support. With the CC that Vale has, this hero is of course very suitable as a support. However, it will be maximized when the items used are of the Burst Damage type, which is very helpful in dealing damage to the opponent. Here is the build item Vale.

Combat spells


This spell will allow you to escape if your opponent is ganking.

Build objects

Arcane boots

+15 Magic PEN

Attribute +40 movement SPD

Clock of fate

+60 magical power

+615 hp

+600 mana

Unique Passive: Adds 30 HP and 5 magical attacks every 30 seconds. Up to a maximum of 10 times. Unique passive reincarnation: when the stacking time reaches the maximum, the hero receives 5% magical attack and 300 additional mana.

Lightning stick

+75 magical power

+ 10% cooldown reduction

+300 mana

Unique passive resonance: every 6 seconds the next skill jumps and deals 20-1000 magical damage (scaled with the hero’s maximum mana) to a maximum of 3 enemies.

Holy crystal

+100 magic power

Unique Secret Passive: Increases Magic Attack by 21-356 (increases with level).

Genius wand

+75 Magical Power + 5% Movement SPD

Attribute +15 Magical PEN Unique passive magic: Dealing damage to enemy heroes reduces their magic defense by 3-10 (scales with level). This effect lasts for 2 seconds. Stackable up to 3x.

Divine glaive

+65 magical power

Attribute: + 40% Magic PEN

Unique Passive Spell Breaker: When the HP is higher than 70%, the unique election increases by 30%.


This hero is highly recommended to use the mage emblem and the settings are detailed below.

Yes, that is Build Item Vale’s recommendation. Hopefully useful and thank you..😁

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