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This is the start date for the Sony PS 5 in Indonesia!

Android31 – Some time ago it was booming because of the many Instagram users who showed up Sony PS5 on IG Stories. For those still saving up to buy the latest Sony game console, there’s good news from Sony Interactive Entertainment Singapore (SEIS) who said that this console would hit Indonesia soon in early 2021. This was made known through a post on the official SEIS website confirming that the PS5 was about to enter Indonesia.

“SEIS today confirmed that PS 5 will be launched in Indonesia on January 22nd, 2021” this is the statement from Sony quoted by the official website.

Similar to several countries, the Sony PS 5 comes with 2 versions, namely the regular and the digital version. In addition, Sony will also release a line of products that include accessories for the PS 5 itself, such as: Dualsense wireless controller, Pulse 3D wireless headset, HD camera, media remote control and Dualsense charging station.

Sony also said that PS 5s that have entered Indonesia cannot be PO (pre-ordered) even though it was too late for Indonesia as several other countries got to enjoy PS 5s this month.

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