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This is a list of 5 popular and fun Pokemon games for Android to play with

Popular and fun pokemon android games to play – For those of you who are anime lovers, you are certainly familiar with Android games featuring Pokemon characters that have their own fun playing them. This Android game has an interesting game mode that you can play. The Pokemon character, which is one of the anime characters that has a lot of fans, has its own charm, so people want to play this Android game. This Pokemon character game has attractive graphics and different game modes.

previously, Pokémon games can only be played for Android PC games or game consoles. Currently, you can play Pokemon games with the help of your Android smartphone. many kinds of games with pokemon characters that are popular and fun for you. You can get any of them easily from your Android playstore. here are some references Pokemon games for Android that are popular and fun which can be an interesting reference for you.

Popular and fun pokemon android games to play

1. Poke Pet

Pet pocket game

This pokemon character android game application is one of the games with arcade genre that has many pokemon characters. You can play this Android game in single and even multiplayer mode. The game modes it presents are exciting and interesting for you. In addition, this Pokémon Android game has attractive graphics.

2. Beastie Bay

Beastie Bay game

Adna has to catch and search monsters with this Android game application. Apart from that, you will also have to build buildings and islands to live in. This classic 8-bit display creates a light effect and is easy to use. To download it, you can download it for free from your Android playstore.

3. Tap Tap Monsters Pocket Dragon

Tap Game Tap Monster Pocket Dragon

This Pokemon Android game has attractive graphics and you can use it to fight with your friends. You only get one Pokémon character to fight with other monsters. You can also purchase new Pokémon Eggs to add to your collection. You don’t have to go through the hassle of catching Pokémon in this Android game.

4. Monster fur

Monster fur game

You can catch Pokémon and fight monsters as well as upgrade them to a higher level. The gameplay it presents is pretty similar to the Pokemon story. For those of you Pokemon fans, you will be pleased with the graphics of this Android application as it has interesting characters and good graphics to play with.

5. Pokemon Go

pokemon go game

One of the Android games that is really booming right now because it was released just a while ago actually managed to grab the attention of Android users. This game has a game mode where you can take advantage of technologies such as: expanded reality whereby you have to catch Pokemon in the real world. This Pokemon Go game does indeed have the excitement of attracting its own users even before it was even released.

Here are some Pokemon games for Android that are popular and fun. Hopefully useful as an interesting reference for you if you want this Pokémon Android game. Good luck and hopefully useful.

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