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This is how you can easily overcome restricted WLAN access – Let’s find out how to overcome limited WiFi access on Windows 7, 8, 10 on your laptop and computer! This tutorial is only presented complete with pictures in the hope that it can be understood by the readers.

Some of my customers often complain about WiFi network problems on their laptops. There are even some who ask for service to get their laptops and computers back to normal.

What they often complain about is the problem of a good network, which is, however, subject to access restrictions. It has been tweaked many times but it doesn’t get better, they eventually gave up and took it to my service center.

The first time I checked the health of the client’s laptop, I was also surprised why the laptop couldn’t connect to my WiFi network. Actually, the reason is very simple and listed there, namely the connection has a limit or limited WiFi access.

Although I was very sure that nobody was using the WiFi connection except me at the time. In addition, the bandwidth is still a lot.

How does a WiFi connection become restricted access?

In a still baffled state, I tried to connect the WiFi to my smartphone and the result worked! It turned out there was no problem with my wifi.

Finally, I tried different ways to overcome the limited WiFi access on the client’s laptop. And I’ve found a variety of very suitable ways to deal with it. What is it?

How to overcome limited WiFi access on a laptop

I suggest that you try each of the types that I have written in turn. If you have succeeded in certain steps, you do not have to complete them until the last tutorial.

Make sure you follow the tutorial in the correct order, yes!

Restart the laptop

The first step that you can do is to restart the laptop or computer. I want to make sure this problem doesn’t come from an improper startup of the laptop. So it is best to restart your laptop before taking the next step.

After you have restarted your computer, please check the Internet protocol version of your laptop 4. If you are using WLAN access, the IP used must be a DHCP alias automatically. To ensure this, please follow the tutorial below.

Change Internet Protocol Version 4 to Automatic

  1. Please click on the icon Wireless Internet access located in the lower right corner of your laptop.
  2. Click next step Network and internet settings.
  3. Then choose Change adapter options.
  4. Then several adapters appear. Select adapter WiFi connection or Wireless Internet access.
  5. Right click on the adapter and select properties.
  6. Then choose Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IPv4) and click properties again.
  7. On the tab Generally, please select in the options above Obtain an IP address automatically and in the options below please choose Obtain DNS server address automatically
  8. Click in the last step OK to save.
  9. Try to connect your WiFi again.


Important! When you feel like the laptop is back to normal. Then you don’t have to go to the next step. And for those still having problems, you don’t need to change the IP to static, just leave it blank, also called DHCP, as described above.

For those of you who are still experiencing limited WiFi issues after following the tutorial above, it is mandatory to re-enable the adapter. Use it to update your network adapter.

Activate the WLAN adapter again

  1. Please click on the symbol again Wireless Internet access on your laptop.
  2. Then click Network and internet settings.
  3. Select Change adapter options.
  4. Then several adapters will appear and select Adapters WiFi connection or WiFi.
  5. Right click on the adapter and select Deactivate.
  6. Then do nothing and wait up to three minutes.
  7. After waiting, please right click on the same adapter and select Activate.
  8. Reconnect the laptop to your WiFi.

Deactivate WLAN adapter

In general, after taking this one step, some of my clients are successful. Updating the adapter indirectly updates the existing network.

But for those of you who are still unsuccessful, there is one more tutorial that you need to try. After this final step, I guarantee that your laptop wifi will be back to normal.

Reinstall the WLAN driver

  1. On your desktop page, look for the icon that says My computer or This pc.
  2. Then right click on the icon and select Administer.
  3. Choose again Device manager.
  4. Then choose Network adapter.
  5. After that, you will see several adapters that you are using. Make sure you know the name of your WiFi adapter.
  6. The wireless adapter usually says realtek or Broadcom.
  7. Right click on the adapter and select Uninstall. This process will not remove your wireless adapter.
  8. Restart your computer and the wireless adapter will appear like new again.
  9. Try to reconnect the laptop to available WiFi.

After reaching this level, WLAN should be able to connect normally. However, if the WiFi limited access problem persists, it means that there is only one reason, which is:

WiFi connection is limited

The only reason the above methods fail to solve your problem is because of the network itself. In the network world, there is such a thing as a user limit, namely when the number of users has reached the maximum limit, new users cannot get through the network access the internet.

In this case, you can contact the administrator to increase the number of users or users.

Thank you for reading the article entitled How To Easily Overcome Wifi With Restricted Access. Hopefully this tutorial will be successful and useful to the readers. See you in the next article.

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