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This is the best hero using concentrated energy items, Auto Deres Blood!

The best hero franchises use concentrated energy items, Auto Deres Blood!

Concentrated energy can be described as one of the life-grabbing items that are very popular with hero mages.

The reason for this is that with this item it will be very easy for the mages to recover their lost HP in a team fight.

Unfortunately, not all hero mages are qualified for the use of these items and sometimes they are not useful for some hero mages.

So here are the best mage heroes using Concentrated Energy in Mobile Legends.

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Silvana MLBB

As a fighter, of course, Silvanna has to have a high level of durability in order to stay on track.

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Concentrated energy is certainly very suitable for Silvanna, who is able to maximize her 2 abilities to get the item’s life steal by 25%.


Skins Season 17 Mobile Legends

Next to Silvanna, of course, Cyclops is the other best hero who is capable of 25% life stealing through concentrated energy.

With his second ability, known as Planets Attack, he can attack opponents while quickly regenerating his HP.

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Harith Best Hero Sidelane MSC 2021

Concentrated energy is certainly an item for Harith to aid his aggressive play.

With a combination of all of his abilities, he can move around freely to inflict damage and restore his lost HP.


ML Hero does not sell on M2

Guinevere is another hero who is very good at maximizing concentrated energy.

Combo Skill 2 and its Ultimate will of course expose the enemy to both air effects and fatal damage.

Of course, by adding these items, Guinevere can restore his blood very quickly.


Kaja Mobile Legends

Kaja’s relatively short Skill 1 really makes this hero the perfect hero to use this item.

With this item he will be very difficult to pick up from the enemy, as he can regenerate HP in a relatively short time.

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