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This is the best anti-car-car mobile game - PlayGames-en | Games | Android | iOS | Pc

Smartphone games that exist today are very thick with elements that spoil the gamer. This is what drives Android and iPhone game developers to create automation systems or cars in the games they publish.

In fact, the completely automatic and instant gameplay is a tiresome thing for most gamers that quickly gets bored of them and the game is uninstalled.

For those of you who fall into the anti-auto-auto gamer category, here I am giving you an android game with no auto-gameplay that is recommended for you to download and play on your phone.

5 Recommended Anti-Auto-Car MMORPG Mobile Games

Misleading hunter’s soul

This MMORPG genre game was just released for its global version in 2021. The gameplay itself is almost the same as that of the legendary PlayStation game Monster Hunter. Similarly, players have to hunt and fight big monsters, then the monsters’ loot is in the form of items that are used to make armor and weapons that are really cool. As I said before, this game is anti-automatic, everything is manual, manual combat, manual gear and definitely very addicting.

Life after

With the topic of Post Apocalyptic Zombie World, NetEase has succeeded in creating a very interesting and exciting game. LifeAfter is in the spotlight of gamers who are also YouTubers to attract viewers and subscribe to their channel. This mobile game is so popular that the number of downloads on the Playstore hit 1 million in just one week. Carrying the open world MMORPG game does not render the LifeAfter game unable to compete with similar pre-existing games. In addition to avoiding the pursuit of zombies and super mutants, you need to survive in this LifeAfter wilderness. In order not to starve to death, players will have to collect food ingredients, build a base to live on, also have a party with friends to complete difficult tasks like raid quests and kill mutant zombie bosses. This game doesn’t have an automatic system, that’s what matters !!

Toram Online

Although it has been several years since this mobile game was released, gamers seem reluctant to resort to other similar games. Toram itself is aware of this by providing scheduled updates and definitely making this old game look new and interesting to its players. Toram Online’s popularity peaked in 2021 when it was touted as the best lost MMORPG game, and to this day it is still popular with mobile gamers. Toram has a very unique job system, why? As the player can choose any job or class they want and can change it at any time. What players like the most is the free character customization, characters can be similar to anime characters like Kirito, Asuna etc. And of course this Toram online game doesn’t have an auto system.

Kite project

Is a pioneer in car-less MMORPG games that are worth installing by you. They are presented with super HD graphics and also the uniqueness of the gameplay. Very similar to Errant Hunter Soul, killing monsters and from these monsters you will get items that can later be made into weapons or armor. What sets this game apart from Errent Hunter Soul is that it requires just one finger to control, and to move the character all the player has to do is slide, tap to attack, and hold to attack at full power. Of course there are skills that you can use, skills that I think are pretty overwhelmed and have a wow factor..hehe

Izanagi Online

Izanagi Online is included in the list of anti-car MMORPG games. Congratulations to Asobimo as a developer. Unlike Toram’s fantasy theme, Izanagi is more of an old Japanese style with ninjas. This game is packed with very addicting gameplay and it is well worth installing this game. As with other types of MMORPG games, this one has quests, leveling and of course the crafting system. But what makes this game unique and feels different is that the players play the role of the ninja with different classes ranging from assassins, mages, clerics or warriors with different special abilities. There are roughly 100 storylines for you to complete.

These are the top five Android games with no auto-hitting, auto-executing, and auto-leveling PlayGames ID version that you can try to install and play on your cool smartphone.

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